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Motorola aims to curb Apple’s sales in Germany

A new war has begun. Cupertino’s people haven’t finished fighting Samsung yet, when Motorola comes into play. The company recently bought by Google has sued Apple for a problem with two of its patents. Will this be another long meeting in the courts of two telecommunications giants? The answer to this question is still to come, but for now here is a small preview of what promises to be a long story.

A few months ago we heard that Apple was suing Motorola for the design of its tablet (Xoom). And before that, we were aware of many other lawsuits, such as the one Motorola brought against Apple last year for infringing 18 patents. So we are not surprised to see these two big companies in court .

Motorola aims to curb Apple’s sales in Germany
Motorola aims to curb Apple’s sales in Germany

This time it was the company recently bought by Google that decided to sue Apple . On Friday, a judgment was issued in favor of Mortorola in a patent infringement case, which involved a synchronization system and a method of transferring files via radio waves, Florian Mueller reported in his FOSSPatents Blog.

In its official communication Motorola stated :

At the same time Apple published :

In the ruling, Motorola not only requests the cessation of sales of its products in Germany to Apple, but also wants a compensation for damages . But the most curious aspect of the matter is not all this, but the position that Apple is taking , which so far has not put any defense . We assume that some strategy will be in place, since FOSS Patents believe that Cupertino’s team is trying to get a temporary suspension of the sentence , which would buy them time to prepare their defence better. It is also believed that in the short term it will not affect Apple much. Motorola has sued Apple Inc., which is their subsidiary in California, instead of the German subsidiary, which would not mean the cessation of their sales in Germany for the time being . It would probably only affect sales on the Web.

Now, stopping for a moment to reflect, we can ask ourselves many things, Google, have you found a new way to try to end Apple? will Apple come out of this war? Well, this time it has been Motorola but not long ago something similar happened with Samsung in Germany… Will this be a new war like the one you have with Samsung?

And what do you think?

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