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Motion 5, a great application overshadowed by Final Cut Pro X

2D or 3D animations, transitions and effects for our video editions is what we can achieve with Motion 5. Apple’s animation application was released on the same day as Final Cut Pro X but the latter’s controversy seems to have eclipsed a new version that has much to offer the user. Apple

The new version of Motion attracts attention at first because of its reduced price, 39 euros . Those of you who have ever been interested in applications for creating this type of effect will surely be familiar with Adobe’s After Effects. Adobe’s candidate is considerably more expensive than Apple’s solution, 1400 euros which could indicate that, seeing the commotion caused by Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 would not be at the expected level either. Is that true? Is Motion 5 worth it? Let’s see it.

Motion 5, a great application overshadowed by Final Cut Pro X
Motion 5, a great application overshadowed by Final Cut Pro X

The new dark interface stands out as soon as the application is opened, leaving aside the greyish tones of version 4. The advantage is that the new design does not entail any dramatic changes. The inspector, file browser and library reside in the same place while the timeline is enhanced with its own toolbar, similar to the one in FCP X or iMovie 11.

This can give a false sense to veteran users who will think they have simply washed up with Motion 4 and that’s it. But none of this is to say that there are details that show the improvement and potential of the new version.

Motion 5 is now a 64-bit application which brings more power . The new architecture allows for multi-layered effects that can be used with Final Cut Pro, and it is here, with its renewed power and the use of the GPU and Grand Central Dispatch, that Motion 5 begins to stand out.

Another improvement in Motion 5 is the display of key frames, now located just below the timeline and accessible to the user. If we add the use of the new Rig and Widgets then the use of the application is improving as we can make modifications and changes quickly between different objects or templates.

Another interesting aspect is the possibility of creating generators, effects and templates for later use with Final Cut Pro X, and it is that without a doubt Motion 5 is linked to this. In addition, most of the Final Cut Pro X templates already available are Smart Motion Templates. These templates can be modified in Motion 5 , save the changes and be directly available for use with the Apple video editor.

All in all, I think that Motion 5 is a great application and a worthy successor to version 4. Also, for users who have never used an application of this type, starting to create animations with Motion 5 won’t be a difficult task. Not to mention that it will give a lot of gameplay in conjunction with Final Cut Pro X.

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