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Mosaic any image with your photos


Mosaic any image with your photos
Mosaic any image with your photos

The use is very simple, above you see the main screen. Drag the image to be converted , select from the list any image library you want and that’s it. The program will analyze the original and our images to use, choosing the most precise one for each zone and creating the mosaic. Here is a quick test I did with the header of this one, our blog :

As you can see the result is not bad, it all depends on the type of image to convert, the amount of photos we have to make the mosaic and the program settings . One interesting thing is that the program can use the music covers we have in the iTunes , which are the ones I used in my test.

Be careful with the resolution of the image you pass to it and the quality of the settings, which MozoDojo pulls a lot of processor depending on what you ask for… The program is Universal Binary and free.

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