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More tracks of the hardware we could see even in a few hours

Appleinsider, 9to5mac (1,2), Macrumors

And the truth is that they are not few.

More tracks of the hardware we could see even in a few hours
More tracks of the hardware we could see even in a few hours

The first clue comes directly from Apple, as Peter Oppenheimer stated that they expect a decrease in the company’s profit margin in the future due to the launch of a new and cheaper product line that will not give them as much margin as their predecessors. Peter also stated that Apple will have higher production costs from now on.

Daring fireball’s Jon Gruber says that we could see a new line of MacBooks today, a “stunning” redesign of the iMac, an updated range of Mac minis with a model that would be sold together with Mac OS X Server, a new mouse and a kind of multitouch device for using multitouch gestures on desktop computers.

At the same time, Apple’s documents presented at the FCC have shown the outline of a possible new model of Wi-Fi device (probably a remodelled Airport Extreme) equipped with MIMO technology, which improves wireless connectivity using several antennas.

Dan Lyons, known as the Fake Steve Jobs, has said in his blog that he expects news today, based on previous statements by Jon Gruber. And to make things worse, from another source they reveal that Apple has booked flights for a mysterious product that “is not the iPhone” for the next three months .

So to sum up among all the predictions, it is likely (although not certain, as always) that in a few hours we will see the Apple stores closed and new items appear. Personally, I don’t believe that such a big avalanche of renewals will come, considering that we are talking about most of the brand’s products, but due to the leaks what seems certain is that we will have movement from now on .


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