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More secrets about the Steve Jobs Theater

We are all looking forward to the departure of the new terminal that will be presented by Cupertino’s company on September 12th. The smartphone in question is the long-awaited iPhone 8, which will be the most expensive mobile phone in history, exceeding 1,000 dollars. This terminal will have its presentation in the keynote that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, will give us inside the so mythical building in honor of Steve Jobs: the Steve Jobs Theater.

It has recently been discovered, thanks to leaks from third parties, that this structure is not only what we see with the naked eye in those videos that are sneaked through the drone nets flying over Apple Park, but also has a part that is submerged under the grass of this very contemporary and modern enclosure.

More secrets about the Steve Jobs Theater
More secrets about the Steve Jobs Theater

Apparently a few meters by under the floor of the Steve Jobs Theater there is a secret chamber that will be useful to use a room to present future products in a more closed way to the public and increasing privacy, something that sincerely Apple has to improve seriously since with the few data that we have been provided with the iPhone 8 we already know how it will be almost in its entirety.

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Inside this secret chamber we find two rotating elevators and a series of handmade leather seats worth about 14,000 dollars , it seems that Californians like to invest in this kind of stuff, a clear example of this are the OLED screens for which they have allocated huge amounts of money, for things like this Apple will become, at this rate, the first U.S. firm to reach a billion dollars in the stock market, almost the same GDP as Spain.

As we would see in a James Bond film, to access the area where the keynote will be held, we will have to access it through a mobile wall which will move to make way for the area where Tim Cook will present us with the iPhone 8.

Source : Applesphere