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More proof that the Apple TV is there, Apple acquires


In case you had any doubts that Apple was involved in the development of a TV, here are its purchasing movements to get you out of any doubt. Apple has just acquired the movie and TV show recommendation service , a very promising startup that can obviously be very interesting for the hypothetical Apple TV. Yes, we will continue to call it hypothetical yet.

More proof that the Apple TV is there, Apple acquires Matcha.tvMore proof that the Apple TV is there, Apple acquires is a service that works through its website and an application for iOS devices. It basically tries to show us audiovisual content that we may find interesting based on our preferences . The program makes a sweep of what we see and suggests content that we might like based on an algorithm that analyzes this data. It is not only based on movies, but it can also offer us suggestions for television programs.

In May of this year, started adding content from services such as iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime . Suddenly the smartphone application stopped working and its CEO Guy Piekarz told TechCrunch that the company was on standby due to a change of direction in the service. On its return in June, included cable channels such as HBO and Sky and declared to be in negotiations with Time Warner and Vevo .

Apple has declared the purchase of this company and it is estimated that the price paid may be between one and one and a half million dollars . Although he did not want to specify why he bought it, there is little to imagine what Apple’s interest in such a service might be. The company’s workers will remain at Apple for at least two years, and when the Apple television finally comes out, we will be able to see what the fruit of their labor has been.