More photos arrive in gold and space gray from the new iPad

The fifth-generation iPad seems to be increasingly confirmed as a model that will be available in the gold and space grey colours that have become so famous on the new iPhone 5. Proof of this is the countless photos that have come to us from China, where we also see that it will inherit the slim frame design of the iPad mini. As for the latter, the inclusion of a Retina screen seems to make it grow a few millimeters.

The introduction of the new iPad is getting closer every day. The most talked about innovations are a Retina screen for the iPad mini and a design with the thinner back frame of the iPad mini on the 9.7-inch iPad. But let’s not forget that the inclusion of the Retina screen in Apple’s small tablet would have a number of indirect repercussions .

More photos arrive in gold and space gray from the new iPad
More photos arrive in gold and space gray from the new iPad

We already saw this with the third generation iPad, where Apple had to make the new iPad 0.6 millimetres thicker and thus increase the size of the battery with a new double density technology, which allowed to maintain the 10 hour autonomy without compromising the excessive thickness. This also brought in a slightly heavier iPad.

It is strange that Apple increases the thickness to maintain or increase the autonomy of its devices, but on the iPad it seems that this will continue to be the case. On the iPhone however, they take advantage of any processor enhancements to make a thinner design while maintaining the limited handset autonomy . Let’s hope that one day this will change, and that the iPhone will stop slimming in exchange for a larger battery, as has happened with the iPhone 5s.

Well, the iPad mini will probably gain a few millimeters – 0.2 millimeters according to rumors – and also add a few grams to the final weight, all to get the Retina display. The question is if it’s really worth losing a little bit of portability in a device whose biggest claim is extreme portability , in exchange for a screen with more resolution.

The Touch ID sensor is already being integrated into the new 9.7-inch iPad, but not into the mini. In addition, new photos of the space grey and gold back cases are arriving every day, just like on the iPhone 5s.

The funny thing is that those cases have not been filtered out of those colors until the presentation of the iPhone 5s, and until then they were shown in graphite and silver, which could make us think that they are fakes . In fact, if you follow the iPhone’s trail, the iPad could include the colors space gray and gold of the iPhone 5, but then the iPad mini should be made of plastic with colors like the iPhone 5c . Will Apple be able to remove the sleek aluminum casing from its smaller *tablet or will there be a discordance between the color range in Cupertino’s products?*

Finally, we leave you with a gallery full of different filtered photos of the cases in both colours, as well as some recreations of how the new iPad would look in the Apple Store , brought to you by the designer Martin Hajek:

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