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More New iPhone Confirmations in September

Let’s get ready for a sea of iPhone 5 rumors. On this occasion, it is The China Times who once again confirms September as the date for the launch of the little toy that many of us are waiting for. They are daring to give us a lot of fabrications, and they are anticipating a delay in the iPad 3.

Recently we told you about some rumors that pointed to September as the month of release of the new generation of iPhone. This time, The China Times confirms the launch for the second week of that month , whose initial order would reach four million units , with a previous test of four hundred thousand units that were already being prepared. In their press release they also say that the new iPad will be delayed until Thanksgiving .

More New iPhone Confirmations in September
More New iPhone Confirmations in September

Since Steve Jobs did not present the phone at this year’s WWDC (as he has done on other occasions) we assume that Apple will show the iPhone 5 on the corresponding Keynote and iPod.

It’s been almost a year since the iPhone 4 came out. Nervousness is running high, and it’s clear to all of us that the update is coming. We’ll see if it ends up changing its appearance as some rumors indicate, or if it ends up being the same as the current one by only enlarging the screen and boosting its processor as others point out.

The China Times has been correct in several rumors that pointed to certain Apple releases, but has failed in others. It seems that he has certain connections with Asian suppliers of the apple, a fact that would help us believe a little more in his words, although rumors, rumors are, and we should not take them at face value.

We can all prepare ourselves to receive hundreds of rumors in the coming weeks. The future iPhone is not far off.

Do you think they’ll change the design, just like they did with the iPhone4?

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