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more information from La Maquinista

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In the case of the shop in Barcelona, today the director of the La Maquinista shopping centre has made some interesting statements that reveal more information about the Catalan Apple Store .

more information from La Maquinista
more information from La Maquinista

First and foremost, the when. Apple’s forecasts are for an opening in September, but according to sources at the mall itself we could have the Apple Store opening in two weeks with a forecast of 5,000 to 10,000 people at the event.

We have also been able to learn other facts: the premises will have 1,300 square meters , and according to the director of the Apple center has chosen to settle in it because Cupertino’s company “is in love with outdoor malls of this style”, in addition to being motivated by the good numbers of visitors that La Maquinista registers regularly (although the whole process of negotiations has lasted no less than a year and a half). Apple is confident that the Apple Store in Barcelona will be a point of reference for all users in the area.

As soon as we know the official opening date of the store as well as any special events that may take place there for the occasion we will inform you promptly. It’s already less. Thank you very much to all of you who sent us the news!


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