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More images from Australia’s largest Apple Store

Una cola de 10 manzanas celebró la apertura de la Apple Store de Kioto

Además, hay que decir que los planes fueron revisados recientemente, con el fin de lograr una mayor aceptación entre los ciudadanos, ya que algunos hablaban de la tienda como si se tratase de algún tipo de pagoda de Pizza Hut. Desde luego, sería una pena ver cómo algo con un diseño tan cuidado se pierde en el olvido.

More images from Australia’s largest Apple Store
More images from Australia’s largest Apple Store

A few days ago we presented what could become the largest Apple Store in Australia, which would be located in the so-called Federation Square in Melbourne . This would be part of the renovation they are preparing for the area, however, the neighbors have not liked the idea of a corporation taking what until now has been a public space. For this reason, they have appealed to the government of Victoria to declare the area a city heritage site.

For now, they have only gotten one nomination, which temporarily protects Federation Square from Apple’s plans. However, the company is still trying to convince the authorities and the inhabitants of Melbourne that this is a win-win situation. To this end, they have published a series of completely new images showing the new store in all its glory, and they will need them to succeed in persuading the public.

In them, you can see the plans of one of the largest Apple stores worldwide . The first whose plans could be completely halted if the State of Victoria’s declaration of heritage is achieved, which is why it is so important. Needless to say, the retail division could lose a good deal of money in the process, after having carried out all the necessary plans and studies to carry out its plans.

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