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More details of the future CarKey, the key to our car that we can send by Message

As we discovered in the first iOS 13.4 beta, Apple is developing a new feature that will be called CarKey. This function will allow us to use our iPhone or Apple Watch to open, close and start compatible cars . The CarKey keys will be stored in the app Wallet, as we saw in the last beta, and we will be able to share them with other people to allow them access to our vehicle.

In this second beta, new text fragments have been discovered that give us several indications. With the following text the Messages app will warn us that we can only send our car keys in conversations with one participant besides ourselves.

More details of the future CarKey, the key to our car that we can send by Message
More details of the future CarKey, the key to our car that we can send by Message

With the shared key the other person will be able to access our car simply by bringing their iPhone or Apple Watch close to the NFC reader inside the vehicle. As we have already mentioned the keys can be valid permanently , for example between family members, or temporarily , for example when we leave the car to the mechanic. People who receive our digital key in the Messages app will receive the following message:

CarKey , like Apple Pay cards, are biometrically authenticated using Face ID or Touch ID to ensure that the person who brings the phone to the reader is authorized to access the vehicle. In addition, it appears that Apple is developing an “express mode” where authentication can be bypassed.

Apple will have to make several alliances with car manufacturers, since CarKey requires a vehicle with an NFC sensor , which manufacturers will have to include in a similar way to CarPlay. Fortunately, Apple is a member of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) which has developed the NFC-compliant digital key 2.0 specification. This specification establishes a secure connection between a mobile device and a vehicle via NFC.

This consortium is currently developing the specification for the digital key 3.0 that will be compatible with Bluetooth LE systems and ultra-broadband technology to enable location-sensitive access without the need for anything more than carrying the key device with us . Remember that the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max already have this ultra-wideband chip.

At AppleAll the news that came with the second iOS and iPadOS 13.4 beta

At the moment we do not know when CarKey can be introduced or when it will start to be available in new vehicles. Nor do we know if it will be available for older vehicles in a similar way to CarPlay receivers. The only indication we have is that iOS 13.4 will be available between the end of March and the beginning of April and that we have rumors of a Keynote on March 31st.

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