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More detailed images of Snow Leopard appear

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As the date of the WWDC keynote approaches, which will take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, we have more and more details of the subtle enhancements that will be included in Snow Leopard , the next major release of Mac OS X.

Now, thanks to a Flickr album published by some developers, we have confirmation of several more details that improve the usability of the operating system, such as a reorganization of the preferences panels , or the incorporation of some features such as QuickLook in some sites where they did not exist until now. Let’s take a look at all these new details after the jump.

More detailed images of Snow Leopard appear
More detailed images of Snow Leopard appear

The first thing you notice in the latest Snow Leopard build is that when you install it, the system warns you if you haven’t entered a security question for your password, which Leopard doesn’t do. This security question is triggered when the user asks to retrieve the password after forgetting it, for example.

QuickLook, as you can see in the image above, is now also included in the archive information panes , as well as being functional in the system’s save and open dialogs, something that I personally have missed a lot in Leopard.

Something more interesting is the discovery of the new Finder, which despite having the same appearance has been rewritten from scratch with Cocoa. It seems that some of the file browser transitions are really interesting, like the animation when reordering the file icons in a folder .

The preference panel includes several changes , as we can see in the following image:

  • The QuickTime preference panel has disappeared, in a clear sign of the removal of the Pro licenses from the player.
  • The International preference panel has been replaced by Language and Text
  • Thanks to Core Location, the Date and Time panel will be able to relocate you in the time zone if you travel.
  • The Keyboard and Mouse pane has been split, and we now have separate keyboard, mouse and trackpad preferences.

Another detail that some users will appreciate, is that now the terminal has the ability to split into two windows , offering more comfort when working using several commands at the same time.

Finally, in the Sharing preference pane, a tool has appeared that can be very useful: Scanner Sharing , which suggests that with Snow Leopard other computers on the network will be able to use a Scanner that is connected to one of the computers.

With all these details revealed by the developers, will Snow Leopard have any interesting new features to show us on the WWDC Keynote , or will we see a replay of all the new features we’ve seen so far? There are only 9 days left to find out.


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