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More and more details about the new Apple TV are coming

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We have not yet had the opportunity to have one in our hands, so for the moment we are collecting the news that the first users and international media are having.

More and more details about the new Apple TV are coming
More and more details about the new Apple TV are coming

In the image that accompanies this entry you have its technical specifications: A4 processor, 256MB of RAM, 8GB of NAND flash disk, with iOS 4.1 802.11n and Ethernet connections, HDMI, audio (optical) and Mini-USB port , in addition to the infrared port for the Apple Remote. And thanks to the dismemberment carried out by iFixit we also see how some internal connections are quite curious, in particular there is one that looks like a dock connection.

Another piece of news that has appeared in recent days is the ability to play content at 1080p , but which the Apple TV actually converts and delivers at 720p . So the information about the jailbreak might lead us to squeeze the maximum out of its playback capabilities.

Even more so, at this point there are only 8 countries that have the device and the only one that can squeeze its standard capabilities is the United States, where all the content for it is available. It seems that in the first appreciations due to its hardware , this second generation of Apple TV seems much faster than the previous one , allowing an almost instantaneous access (loading or startup screens have been eliminated) to our iTunes library.

However AirPlay says that it needs to be improved a lot since it now looks more like an “AirTunes” than what can really be extracted from it, at the moment it is not capable of delivering content, it is just a “collector” where we can play what we send from iTunes or other devices with iOS. And there are other things to activate like Home Sharing, which is the only way Apple TV has to access all the content on our Macs, having to enable it (and with our iTunes account) on all the Macs we want Apple TV to connect to. Another known detail is a low power mode, which the device will activate after 15 minutes of inactivity.

And all that without counting the fact that there are still no known applications for Apple TV, What applications will come out for this device? In the next few weeks, we’ll surely know many more details about this device.

At the moment we still don’t have a release date in our country, but we are looking forward to it because of the attractive price of the device and the capabilities and functionalities it has when connected to our Macs and iOS devices via AirPlay.

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