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mophie powerstation plus XL, the external battery tailor-made for Apple users

A few weeks ago mophie presented his new external batteries. A total of four different models, designed to meet different user needs. The peculiarity of all of them? A Lightning connection integrated into all of them so that you can use your iPhone or iPad charger to charge it. But if one external battery stands out above the others, it is the powerstation plus XL .

Why? Because in addition to having a Lightning input, it also has a built-in Lightning cable, so you don’t even have to carry your cable with you when you need to charge your iPhone or iPad. We at Apple have been testing this new mophie battery and yes, it really is by and for iOS users .

mophie powerstation plus XL, the external battery tailor-made for Apple users
mophie powerstation plus XL, the external battery tailor-made for Apple users

If there’s one thing that makes mophie stand out, it’s their batteries.

Features of the mophie powerstation plus XL

The mophie powerstation plus XL battery is part of a whole new range of batteries from the brand. The manufacturer has taken advantage of the best features and technologies developed in previous products to create a new battery with the best. The right size, incredible materials and useful connections make the mophie powerstation plus XL an excellent battery for Apple users .

Slightly smaller than an iPhone Plus version.

The battery is slightly smaller than an iPhone in the Plus model, but of course much thicker. Specifically its measures are 14.05 x 7.77 x 1.8 cm in length, width and height respectively. The total weight is 260 grams , not as heavy as others of a similar size. Probably one of the things that makes it not so heavy is that the coating on the sides is made of a plastic material. The back and front covers however are made of a very pleasant fabric to touch , just like the mophie powerstation USB-C XXL that we already tested at Apple.

In keeping with its appearance, the mophie powerstation plus XL is available in four different colours : black, grey (the unit analysed), dark blue and graphite. Please note that mophie offers a smaller model, the mophie powerstation plus, which does not have the dark blue colour. The difference in capacity is that the mophie powerstation plus has 6,000 mAh while the mophie powerstation plus XL has 10,000 mAh .

The back and front are covered with a very pleasant fabric to the touch that gives it a much more premium look.

10,000 mAh is a lot of capacity, for example for an iPhone X can give you up to 34 hours of extra charge, just over three charges. A normal iPad can charge it perfectly once, while a 12.9-inch iPad Pro will leave it with almost a full charge.

Two more details of the mophie powerstation plus XL: its intelligent charging and the LEDs. Like every other mophie battery, it comes with a total of four LED indicators that let you know how much energy is stored in the battery at any given time or whether it is being charged. Pressing the button next to the LEDs will indicate the status at all times. Finally, it has mophie’s Prioriy+ technology , this means that if it is connected to be charged and at the same time there is a device being charged through it, it will give priority to the device and later when it is already charged the battery will be charged.

The four LEDs serve to indicate the battery status.

How to charge and charge the mophie powerstation plus XL

The mophie powerstation plus XL has a few charging methods and connectors, so it can be confusing exactly how it works. Specifically, it has four different methods, two for charging the battery and two for charging other devices:

  • Input via Lightning: The battery can be charged via the Lightning port on the side. We connect a Lightning cable and this to the plug or a computer and that’s it. Basically, the battery is charged in the same way as an iPhone or iPad, so you don’t need to carry around extra cables.
  • Qi input: If you have a wireless charger, you can use it to charge the mophie powerstation plus XL battery as well. Simply place the battery on top of a Qi wireless charging cradle and you’re ready to go. Please note that the battery does not allow iPhone to be charged via wireless charging. The amount of power released by this standard makes it uneconomical to use on external batteries at this time.

You can add the mophie powerstation plus XL to any Qi charging base to charge it.

  • Output through the integrated Lightning: On the side of the battery we find a Lightning cable that we can remove and with which we can directly charge the iPhone or iPad. This is especially useful and convenient so that you don’t have to carry the cable around with you all the time, as it is stored directly in the battery.

The Lightning cable is stored on the side.

  • USB-A output up to 10 W: If you need more power or to charge two devices at the same time, you can use the USB-A port that comes on the side, there we attach a Lightning cable or any other cable with USB-A and we can charge our devices with up to 10 W of power.

USB-A port allows charging with up to 10W

Price and availability of the mophie powerstation plus XL

mophie powerstation plus XL is a product designed for Apple users. The manufacturer has worked closely with Apple to integrate Lightning technology into the battery and to have a certified product. As a result, the battery is sold exclusively through the Apple Retail Store and Apple eStore Online. It’s priced at $99.95, and if you want the smaller capacity model, we have it for $79.95.

Comfortable, with useful connectors and easy to transport, the mophie powerstation plus XL is truly designed for iOS users.

If we consider the ports it integrates, its capacity and the certification (and therefore the trust) by Apple, the price is more than adequate. We ensure a battery that is comfortable to use with really useful ports. More importantly, the guarantee that it won’t destroy our devices.

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