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Mophie Juice Pack, battery housings for iPhone 5s/5

We can’t deny that one of the worst features of Apple’s iPhones is their autonomy. This is not only a bad thing for Apple mobiles, as practically all smarthones suffer from it, although in the case of Cupertino’s company’s terminals perhaps the problem is more serious. Luckily we always find alternatives to improve this aspect and today we want to recommend one: the cases with extra battery, the Mophie Juice Pack .

This accessory manufacturer has products for many of today’s top devices in its catalogue and, of course, Apple’s products, especially its smartphones, could not be missing.

Mophie Juice Pack, battery housings for iPhone 5s/5
Mophie Juice Pack, battery housings for iPhone 5s/5

The Mophie battery cases offer protection for devices against falls or scratches and also bring an extra of energy to improve their autonomy and when we leave the house we have more hours of useful life without having to continually look for a plug.

The company markets several models of these covers. Depending on the model chosen the amount of extra energy will be higher or lower. Either way, these are beautifully designed cases that will fit like a glove on your iPhone.

The housings themselves have a button and an LED that allows you to see the level of charge of the built-in battery. In addition, a small switch allows you to choose when you want the case battery to charge the iPhone’s internal battery, or to turn off this option to reserve power for a more convenient time.

Below we review the different models of Mophie for iPhone 5s/5 . The most recent Apple models (the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) do not yet have this type of case in the Apple catalogue, although it is also true that their autonomy is greater than that of previous generations, especially the 5.5-inch model.

Juice Pack Helium

The Juice Pack Helium is the most basic model we found. It has an extra 1500mAh battery, which means an extra 80% of autonomy for compatible devices.

The usual price of this model is 79.99 euros, but at the time of writing it is available in Macnificos for 59.48 euros.

Juice Pack Air

The intermediate model of the Mophie iPhone 5s/5 cases. In this case it includes a 1700mAh battery, which allows a full charge of the battery integrated in the Apple smartphone.

In this case we also found the offer cover, its usual price is 99.95 ?, but at this moment it is possible to get it for 67.99 ?, although we do not know until when the discount will be available.

Juice Pack Plus

This is the highest capacity option currently available in the manufacturer’s catalogue. This model has a 2100mAh battery, which means an extra 120% autonomy for a compatible iPhone . In other words, this case is capable of charging the device’s battery once it is full and another one charges it up to 20%.

The usual price of this model is 104.99 euros, but at the moment it is possible to get one for 84.99 euros. Again, we do not know how long the offer will be available.

We can’t deny that we love the idea behind these Mophie housings . They respond very well to a need that, to a greater or lesser extent, all Apple smartphone owners have and, moreover, they do so with a nice design and at a relatively acceptable price considering the quality of the product.

Did you know about Mophie’s battery-powered iPhone cases? This is certainly an option to consider if you need to extend the life of your iPhone.

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