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Money, finance manager for iOS and OS X

Saying I am going to control my finances is like when we started a new course and said I am going to organize the notes well: blue for the text, black for the titles and I will use fluorescents for… well another day that now I am in a hurry . To achieve this we need to be meticulous and have an application that makes it easier for us to control all aspects. Money is an application for OS X and iOS that allows us to manage everything related to our money.

Money, what it offers

Money is an application capable of controlling our finances in a complete way , from the movements of our bank account, cash, credit cards, investments, loans,… everything. In addition, Money allows us to create separate accounts according to our interests. For example, an account to control the expenses we may have if we are self-employed in material, telephone bills, etc and another one to control the household expenses.

Money, finance manager for iOS and OS XMoney, finance manager for iOS and OS X

Among the options of Money is the possibility of creating recursive alarms . For example, you can set up a reminder to make sure you don’t forget the 3rd day of each month to make sure you have a balance so that you can be charged online and avoid overdrafts on your account. Another feature that it incorporates is the possibility of generating reports . A total of thirteen reports are available that will provide us with visual information about the status of our accounts. In addition to a budget planning, which comes in handy to be informed at all times about how the month is going.

Finally, Money also allows us to add the URL (web address) of our bank so that we can check our account without leaving the application.

Money for iOS and OS X

Money has a version for each of the Apple devices . Each of them can be used independently and the differences are minimal with the desktop version. One of these differences is that in the iOS version we will not be able to create an account to keep track of investments or loans.

If we want to have the applications synchronized we must have the OS X version . This is because the synchronization is done under our wifi network. Once connected our iPad or iPhone to the wifi network and with Money for OS X open, our device will appear in the Devices list, which we can select to synchronize.

The good thing is that, Money for OS X allows you to create a library for each user and gives you the ability to set a password to secure your data so that it cannot be changed by another user by mistake. This is also interesting for sharing the application, being able to associate each library to a different iOS device. This way all family members will be able to control their spending on both OS X and their iOS devices.


Money is a very complete application . Both the iOS and OS X versions offer us many options to keep track of our expenses and income. The only thing we have to keep in mind is that it is not a simple application if we just want to keep track of how much we spend.

Aplicaciones para controlar los gastos y las finanzas personal en el iPhone

In addition, if we only look to record expenses there are better ways or simpler applications that will be able to do the same function and save us the price of Money. And that’s because Money is sold separately for iPhone, iPad and Mac being the price 1.59, 3.99 and 30.99 respectively.

What I didn’t like about the application is the lack of support for Spanish. The application is only available in English, French, German and Italian. Although it is not difficult to handle it in English, I would appreciate a translation that I do not think would cost too much. Anyway the most negative thing is the way of synchronizing the applications . Implementing a cloud sync would be ideal but we’ll see if in future versions they do it via iCloud or Dropbox.

If you want to try the desktop version you can download the demo version from Jumsoft’s website.


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