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MOFT Z support for MacBook and iPad, is that a good idea?

The industrial sector is in continuous development, even more so the area dedicated to technology and its different accessories. That is why from time to time interesting projects arise that let us see some products that, if they finally reach the market, could be a whole ball. This time we will talk about a support for computers and tablets that could be compatible with MacBook and iPad.

MOFT Z, a complete support for computers and tablets

Currently we have a multitude of supports on the market to place our computer or tablet and work with it with added possibilities to the original design. However, most of them have some shortcomings in terms of comfort or possibilities to move it in different angles and even to give security to our equipment. This is why we are surprised by the MOFT Z project, a 4 in 1 stand for use on our desks.

MOFT Z support for MacBook and iPad, is that a good idea?
MOFT Z support for MacBook and iPad, is that a good idea?

With a one-piece structure, no need to install it and with an amazing ease of use, the creators of this MOFT Z present us with the support as a future alternative to work the way we want with our equipment. It is compatible with all laptop and tablet computers , so we can even adapt an iPad as our main element of daily work.

As you can see in the images, one of the most outstanding aspects of this support is that it has different angles and positions to place our machine, thus allowing us to sit in a comfortable position without having to suffer damage to our back or our sight by placing the device too close or too far. It also highlights that it has the size of a magazine , so it will not take up too much space even when deployed. Folding is when you gain whole, as it could be stored anywhere without getting in the way.

Aesthetically it is difficult to judge because in matters of taste there are as many opinions as there are people in the world, however as far as materials are concerned it seems to be made with very good quality ones. Maybe personally I wouldn’t choose genuine leather as something comfortable in terms of cleanliness and even feel, but as I say, it’s personal considering my circumstances.

When will it be on the market?

This product is published on pages such as Kickstarter, a website specialized in supporting projects that need funding. The way it works is the following: the project is presented, those who wish to support it make a monetary contribution and if the project goes ahead they receive the product before anyone else. At least this is how it works in general and with this MOFT Z as well. According to the creators, the plan is that in May it could be available, although at the moment nothing is known and with the situation of health crisis it could be postponed.

It still seems to need funding, although we do not want to encourage you to support the project, after all it is a personal decision. Our intention with this is to know how to work on tools that in the future can be very useful in our day to day. Once we know the theoretical details, we will be able to prove it, which is not possible at the moment, but who knows if in the future we will be able to carry out an analysis if it comes out to the market.

Those of us who use computers and tablets daily for our work are grateful for these kinds of innovations. We would like to know your opinion about this support. Would you buy it if it were available and affordable? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.

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