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Modern Combat 3, un tirador de altura

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, a shooter that lives up to games like Killzone or Playstation 2’s Call of Duty. Easy handling of the controls, acceptable graphics, fluid movements, customization of the HUD and a great online mode, which makes the game great and worth its price. Gameloft is taking it seriously.

Today we bring you a recommendation for the weekend, as this app can be very addictive for lovers of console shooters! I’ve always liked Playstation games like Call of Duty or Killzone to give an example, and the first experiences I had on the iPad in the first person, were not very good, to say nothing of good. The virtual joysticks were not at all natural, the control was forced, they did not respond well, it was complicated to reach the buttons…

Modern Combat 3, un tirador de altura
Modern Combat 3, un tirador de altura

The last game of these features I bought for my iPad was Brothers in Arms 2 , which was on sale at the time but we were still the same, at the same point, bad and the graphics were not accompanying. I was about to give up on the search for a game worth playing, when Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation came out, which caught my attention because of its features. After watching videos to ensure the investment (almost 6 euros is money), I decided.

It is worthy of a Playstation 2 game , more or less. The graphics section is very well done, and the gameplay (within a shooter ) is its strength. The controls are good, the virtual joystick to move around is on the left side and it’s not fixed, that is, when you put your finger on the screen it appears, so it’s mobile. The right side is for moving the view or pointing, and has no joystick, any part of the screen (right side) allows you to move the view and point very quickly, although in some moments of tension is not quite accurate .

But one of the most appreciated customization options in this type of game is that you can move the controls to your liking : move the grenade button higher, make the shoot button bigger, the gun selector on the other side of the screen… At least I, I appreciate it very much, as it makes the game easier.

As far as the storyline is concerned, we are part of the United States army (for a change) and we have to fight against terrorists, from Los Angeles to Pakistan, over 13 missions of about 30 minutes each , and some with a different gameplay , like dropping bombs from a plane or shooting from a moving car.

What really makes the game great is the online mode , without a doubt. If you take addition to the online mode, you are lost, I tell you that you will get all the juice and more to the 5 euros that costs the jeugo. We can play in games up to 12 players, with 7 different game modes (capture the flag, to death, by teams…) and in 6 different maps. As you win games, you gain experience and level up, which allows you to acquire new material and customize it.

But not everything shines, at least on my iPad 2 with iOS 5.0.1, because the game hangs more than normal (more in online than in story mode, it’s not very serious either) and in online mode there are days when it’s impossible to connect to a game, even if you create it yourself. Totally hopeless. According to their forums, an update is on the way to fix all bugs in the current version 1.0.0.

If you like shooters and you have an iPad, this is your game. And it’s universal, so we’ll have it on the iPhone and iPod touch as well. What would be good would be an integration with iCloud to synchronize games between devices, although it is not a requirement as I say.

Finally, it is only worth mentioning that with iOS 5 it is compatible with AirPlay . We will be able to play on our TV (via Apple TV) at full screen in 720p, and use the iPad or iPhone as a controller. I imagine that the VGA or HDMI adapter is also compatible. Does anyone have this type of adapter? Tell us how it goes. As I said before, iOS is becoming a great gaming platform , and Gameloft is betting heavily on another good title: Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, GTA style.

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