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MobileRSS Free ~ Google RSS News Reader in App Store

MobileRSS is a complete Google Reader client for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. We have developed a lot of powerful and exclusive features in a platform with a familiar and elegant design that brings the fun back to reading news. You will like it!

Here are some reactions from users:

MobileRSS Free ~ Google RSS News Reader in App StoreMobileRSS Free ~ Google RSS News Reader in App Store

“The best RSS application on the AppStore. Point” – intake 66

“The game has changed, MobileRSS dominates the field of RSS applications” – Mike21345

“I have tried the most important RSS readers and this is *by far* the most functional and enjoyable to use” – YesNoCancel

“This app is perfect” – Richardlent

“This update has integrated the old MobileRSS and the new one perfectly” – Envyzage


* Detailed configuration screen allows complete customization of your reading experience

* The feed and folder manager makes adding new feeds easy: Search by keywords to find new sources.

* Effortlessly share your favorite articles via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instapaper and more…

* Supports offline reading. Download everything via Wiki and read news from your favorite sources later.
* Native support for iPhone 4 including the amazing Retina Display and background operations.

* Lots of additional features such as full-screen item display, rotation lock, widescreen, gestures, image engraving and many more

Connect to our blog at http:/ or contact our support with questions, feedback or requests for new features at