MobileMe is now fully active


Apple has finally activated its new services online which have evolved from the previous .Mac. After some serious initial problems with web applications, which slowed down the official release process of MobileMe , everything seems to be working as it should.

MobileMe is now fully active
MobileMe is now fully active

After taking a first “walk” through the new environment, and being a Mac account user, I must say that the change is completely radical , starting with the concept: While the . Mac were oriented to be something secondary to our computers, the new MobileMe has as its main idea to be the nexus of union between all our computers and gadgets.

I want to try out all the new features to offer you an entry with a lot more detail , but the first impression is that we are using the typical desktop applications, behaving as if they were really the native applications we have in our Macs.

The calendar, for example, is virtually an exact copy of iCal, just like Mail or the address book. Apple wants to blur that line between web and desktop applications, and at first glance it seems to have succeeded. It remains to give it a little more use to find some weak point or aspect that can be improved , that like every first version of something, surely exists. We will talk about it very soon, with an in-depth analysis of the new services.

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