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Mobile is now available for iPhone and iPad

Smartphones and tablets are firm candidates to replace portable video consoles , and more since there are platforms like Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, two services that allow you to play a catalog full of titles (in constant expansion) for a monthly fee that ensures they will be free of in-app purchases and ads.

However, there is still life outside of them, as there are video game studios that prefer to remain freelance. If a week ago Mario Kart Tour for iOS devices arrived, now it’s the turn of another big franchise in the industry: Call of Duty: Mobile, which is now available for iPhone and iPad .

Mobile is now available for iPhone and iPad
Mobile is now available for iPhone and iPad

This version has been designed especially for mobile devices, so the controls appear on the touch screen, but can be customized to suit the user. However, if you prefer, and as one of the new features of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13,

a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller can be connected for more comfortable gaming Activision has decided to completely remove the support for video game controllers, although the reason is unknown.

In Call of Duty: Mobile we will have several game modes , such as the popular all-on-all 100-player game popularized by the Battle Royale as Fortnite or PUBG, five-on-five team battles, sniper duels and, of course, the popular zombies. Some of the available maps and scenarios are iconic in the saga, such as Nuketown or Crossfire.

The title of Activision and Tencent is free , but you will have access to microtransactions to purchase character customization items. In addition to iOS, it can also be downloaded for devices using the Android operating system.

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