mixing historical strategy with the ‘Bejeweled

Tiny Token Empires HD

We commented when we were reviewing ‘Roads of Rome HD’ that the iPad had become a good place to develop strategy games and that it was to be expected that lovers of the genre would have more and more options. ‘ Tiny Token Empires HD ‘ reaches precisely that gap, as an adaptation of the great game that had debuted before on the Mac.

mixing historical strategy with the ‘Bejeweled
mixing historical strategy with the ‘Bejeweled

At first glance, ‘Tiny Token Empires HD’ seems like just another turn-based strategy game. With a comical look and an approach that doesn’t seem too complicated , it’s easy to get hooked on that history review where you can control five nations: Rome, Greece, Persia, Carthage and Egypt.

Conquest of territories in the classical Mediterranean

As you can see, the setting places us in the era of the empires around the Mediterranean, with very careful music, great graphics and a development that is becoming more and more profound and that ends up posing real strategic challenges , although at first it all seems too simple and casual.

It is not only about conquering territories with the armies we create, but also about managing each one of them and the resources it generates . Many hours of gameplay and many possibilities to get hooked on each campaign, because, in addition, ‘Tiny Token Empires HD’ also seeks to have the maximum possible variety.

Tiny Token Empires HD’ and its ‘Bejeweled’ style battles

That’s why the battles have been approached in a way that is totally alien to what are usually the usual strategy games. It’s no longer just a matter of gathering a powerful army and taking into account the modifiers that can decide the battle, but we ourselves will be the ones to lead it to success or failure with our skill.

How? By joining gems of the same color as quickly as possible, so that we can fill the attack bars of our troops before those of the rival. In this part, the game takes the form of a ‘Columns’ or a ‘Bejeweled’, with sparkling jewels that have to be joined together in rows of three or more.

What are you missing? More possibilities for extra maps and campaigns or more depth in the army experience system… The former can be remedied with updates that I hope will come, because Bulkypix has done a good job with this game.

In the absence of remakes of the strategy classics (for example, it is not difficult to imagine a ‘General Panzer’ on the iPad), options such as ‘Tiny Token Empires HD’ are really fun and can be taken advantage of, although the 6.99 euros it is worth might make the most reluctant ones back down.

In any case, there is a trial version for Mac and these are the same people who have done a decent job with the iOS remake of ‘Antoher World’, so you won’t find anything to disappoint you.


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