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minor enhancements and bug fixes

New version of Aperture, 3.1.3, solves problems and adds minor improvements.

Apple recently released an update to its Aperture professional photo editing and management software, including bug fixes and minor enhancements. It seems that the stability and performance of Apple’s software has been greatly improved.

minor enhancements and bug fixes
minor enhancements and bug fixes

Slide show exports are now done in the background, image cropping is greatly improved with more precise gestures, published MobileMe, Facebook, and Flickr projects now appear in a Project Inspector web section, among many other improvements .

On the other hand, a problem that could cause a blank sheet in print orders, another that unexpectedly closed the program in some options with full screen, as well as several problems when trying to label names with accented characters or other alphabets has been fixed.

The update is recommended to all users of Aperture . Here are the other new features:


The reliability of the library for content repair has been improved, and previews are now automatically rebuilt when a library is restored from a Time Machine backup.

Multi-touch gestures

The multi-touch gestures have also been improved. With the finger pinch movement you can now also resize the previews in full screen navigation mode. The same pinch gesture can also be used to change the size of the cropping rectangle with the image cropping tool. Gestures can also be used to rotate images in the viewer.


Fixes a problem that sometimes causes faces to be displayed with the option disabled . As we said in the summary above, also problems with accented characters or Chinese, Japanese and Korean alphabets are solved.

On the other hand, profile pictures that we have assigned to contacts in our Address Book are displayed to suggest names in the menus for tagging . The start and end keys can be used to go to the beginning or end of the Faces view.


Fixed an issue that could be caused in the edit location window that did not work correctly when assigning a location to a project in full view. Also, the display filter not placed images maintains the state when using the back button.


Aperture stops closing unexpectedly if a trackpad gesture is used to change the size of the touch-up brush. Also, now shows the correct cursor type when switching between draw and erase modes when using Wacom tablets.

Sharing Web


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As mentioned above, anything posted on MobileMe, Facebook, or Flickr appears in a web section in the Project Inspector . This also fixes an issue that can sometimes cause Aperture not to respond when synchronizing albums posted on the web.

Audio and video

Fixed an issue that could cause Aperture to close unexpectedly when trimming audio on full screen. Also another when browsing videos.


Fixed another issue that could cause Aperture to stop responding when using the undo and redo commands when switching from the JPEG file to the RAW master.

Other news

  • The keyboard shortcut for displaying tool information has been changed from T to Control + T to avoid accidental activation.
  • The Reset All Warnings button now works correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the List view to display the wrong order when switching between projects.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause images displayed at over 400% not to be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed another issue that could cause Aperture to stop responding when you try to close the program just as you’re updating the previews.
  • Slideshow exports are now performed in the background and displayed in the activity window.

The update takes up 292MB and requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later , and you can update from Apple’s update software or from the download page.

That’s all for now, if we have any more news we’ll let you know right away on Applesupportphonenumber and on our Twitter

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