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MiniPlayer, versatile player for iTunes, Spotify or Rdio

MiniPlayerEn Apple
With some resemblance to the iOS 7 design comes MiniPlayer , a player for OS X that supports iTunes and streaming music services such as Spotify or Rdio. And if we install an additional plugin we can also make use of Dezzer.

It’s as simple as that. MiniPlayer can be an interesting application for those who make equal use of all those musical alternatives. And it’s completely free, so there’s little else you can ask for.

MiniPlayer, versatile player for iTunes, Spotify or Rdio
MiniPlayer, versatile player for iTunes, Spotify or Rdio

Anyway, I would like to offer an alternative to MiniPlayer that I consider more interesting . If you look at it, MiniPlayer is practically a search box with which to locate the song you want to listen to plus some controls to play or pause and move forward or backward. If you remember, when we saw the special on Alfred 2 we saw that it was more than an application launcher. Extras that are achieved by acquiring the Powerpack. Well, if you are Alfred 2 users and its Powerpack you surely know, and if we do not tell you, that there are some workflows to control iTunes, Spotify,…

  • iTunes is a pre-integrated option. Just go to preferences to see what settings the mini player launches through which you can search by genres, artists, albums, playlists…
  • Spotifious allows us to control Spotify and it’s really easy. You can set the keyboard shortcut you like for launching, and then search or control playback.
  • Rdio, as with Spotify, this workflow allows us to control the music streaming application.

That’s how powerful Alfred 2 is, a highly recommended application. Well, these are some workflows but there are many more that will allow us to do things as varied as launching terminal actions, sending notes to Evernote and a long etcetera.

Now that each one of you has made your choice. You can keep using only the application (Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, etc), use MiniPlayer or if you want more options choose Alfred 2.