MiniDock, a wall dock for iPhone


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MiniDock, a wall dock for iPhone
MiniDock, a wall dock for iPhone

There are plenty of docks on the market to keep our iPhone or iPod in an elevated position, although none with the design and utility that the one manufactured by the company BlueLounge has, since it does not need a table or surface to hold it, just a wall plug. Continue reading the article and see how a simple idea can become a great idea.

All iPhone users know that the only way to charge our device is with the usb cable , either by connecting it to the computer or to the power outlet with the Apple supplied source. The problem with this is that the mobile is always lying on the desk or the bedside table, unless you buy a dock to hold it upright. There are hundreds of models on the market, and you can even make one yourself.

This time we’re going to show you a dock different from the rest , as you don’t need a fixed surface to place it on. All you need is a wall socket. It’s called the MiniDock and it’s made by BlueLounge.

As you can see in the picture it is very easy to use. Just connect the MiniDock to the power supply supplied by Apple with your device and plug it into the wall socket, and you’ve got your iDevice in place without the risk of it falling off your bedside table or desk.

The materials with which this dock is constructed are resistant, looks solid in the hand , although light, giving a sensation of firmness. But it doesn’t lag behind in design. The ash grey colour on the outside and a slightly velvety feel contrasts nicely with the rest of docks on the market.

Another use for this dock is in the kitchen. If we like to look at recipes on our iPhone while we’re cooking, we won’t have to be afraid of some liquid falling on the phone anymore, because it won’t be resting on the kitchen marble, but in a higher position, as you can see in the image above. Moreover, if we use our phone as an alarm clock , this MiniDock is perfect, as we will never throw the phone on the floor while looking for it on the table.

The price of this device is 19,95 Dollars (about 14,65 Euros) and we can order it from the official BlueLounge website at the end of the article. For its design and usefulness, I don’t really see it as an expensive price, since the Dock official Apple dock is 29 Euros.

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