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miniBatt PowerCase, the only Apple-certified accessory for wireless iPhone charging

We’ve been around for nine generations, but so far none of them have made the leap to wireless charging. While it is true that other manufacturers have even been using the technology on their devices for several years, for now on the iPhone the only thing we can do is use an external accessory to do so.

miniBatt comes to offer a solution to this thanks to miniBatt PowerCase, a case for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that adds wireless charging to the phone.

What is and how is miniBatt PowerCase

miniBatt PowerCase, the only Apple-certified accessory for wireless iPhone charging
miniBatt PowerCase, the only Apple-certified accessory for wireless iPhone charging

miniBatt PowerCase is the case for the latest iPhone created by the Spanish manufacturer miniBatt and its main function is to charge the mobile phone without cables . Apart from this, it also protects the phone from impacts and tears, like any other case.

The housing is thin, very thin, is only 10 mm thick, so it will be as annoying as possible compared to other manufacturers’ battery cases. In addition, the phone doesn’t gain much weight with it on either. As for the touch, it’s very pleasant to hold, similar to the silicone straps of the Apple Watch, which gives it a certain grip to prevent slipping.

On the other hand, the most interesting thing about this accessory is the confidence it offers. This is because has the MFi (Made for iPhoneiPadiPod) certificate from Apple . This certificate ensures the quality and proper functioning of an accessory for iOS devices. miniBatt PowerCase is the first wireless charging case for iPhone to receive this vote of confidence.

How miniBatt PowerCase works

The operation of miniBatt PowerCase is very simple. The case is made up of two parts, one large part which holds the entire phone and the other which is the power receiver itself and is attached to the back to make up the entire case. This receiver is connected to the iPhone via a Lightning connector at the base of the iPhone, so the case is attached to the phone to transmit power in the same way as other battery cases on the market.

After that, you just have to bring the phone close to a wireless base and see how it starts charging without having to do anything else. miniBatt offers a number of charging bases to complement the PowerCase. Here are some of them:

  • miniBatt StandUP: This is an elevator dock on which to rest the phone. It has three loading areas to improve the efficiency of this and is capable of transmitting up to 8 mm separation.
  • miniBatt PowerGOO: The external and portable miniBatt battery. Like the previous accessory, it allows us to charge up to 8 mm away and has three charging areas to improve efficiency. It is interesting the flap to hold the phone next to the base and that they do not separate if we move.
  • miniBatt Fi80 and miniBatt Fi60: Perhaps the two most interesting accessories of all. They are two furniture chargers that are attached to office desks that have the typical hole to run the cables. One of them is 8 cm in diameter while the other is 6 cm in diameter.

The charging time is identical to that of an ordinary charger, so in that sense we don’t have to worry.

Is it worth the wireless charge?

At a certain point, we have to ask ourselves whether it’s really worth charging the phone wirelessly to find out whether we should buy the accessory or not. As with everything, depends on the use and habits we have throughout the day . The only disadvantage is the inconvenience of wearing a case, although if you’re used to wearing one, it’s not a problem.

On the other hand, there are two very important advantages when using a PowerCase miniBatt:

  • It makes the process of charging your iPhone as simple as possible, because you no longer have to worry about finding the cable and connecting it. We simply leave the phone on the table in the charging dock area and you’re good to go.
  • You get a two-in-one, wireless charger and case to protect your iPhone. And it allows us to insert the typical contactless card from the bank or carrier on the top back.

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