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Ming-Chi Kuo puts its launch in 2022

If you were expecting an upcoming arrival of Apple’s augmented reality glasses, you’d better be patient. According to AppleInsider, Ming-Chi Kuo has commented in one of her reports to analysts that the device will not be released until 2022… at the earliest .

The analyst comments that one of the component suppliers for these glasses is GIS, particularly for the lens lamination. And according to that supplier’s internal plans, sales plans don’t start for two years. It would definitely be a product to be launched in the long term.

Ming-Chi Kuo puts its launch in 2022
Ming-Chi Kuo puts its launch in 2022

The rumors about these glasses have been very disparate over time . Last year there was talk of a launch planned for this very year 2020, while other sources claimed in parallel that we would not see them until 2023 (but they would be preceded by a “helmet” in 2022).

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The good news is that by then, the chips Apple will have developed can provide a gaming experience that could leave us speechless . Who knows if that new Unreal Engine 5 video could translate into those glasses? It may seem impossible today, but it could be the norm in three years time. The bad news is that the source also states that the lamination of the lenses needed to be able to have this implies a high manufacturing price, which already puts us ahead of the final selling price of those glasses will not be for everyone.

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