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Mine, the new digital lifestyle magazine for iPad

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From today the iPad has a new digital magazine. It’s called Mine, the sins of man , and is aimed at a male audience. With a monthly periodicity and quality content, the magazine will deal with men’s lifestyle. Information, trends, business, fashion, sport, travel, gourmet, technology, lifestyle… Mine is a lifestyle and trend magazine exclusively for the iPad.

The release of the magazine is a double joy. It is always good to have quality magazines in digital format. The second piece of good news is that Pedro Aznar , Apple’s coordinator, will have a column in the magazine called “Mixed, not shaken” , which will deal with topics that are sure to be of interest to you, specifically about the interaction of technology in today’s world.

Mine, the new digital lifestyle magazine for iPad
Mine, the new digital lifestyle magazine for iPad

The cover of mine’s first issue stars Risto Mejide, and inside we find Anna Tarrés in the sports section, with a very sincere interview; Carlos Moyá, who opens the doors of his tennis club to talk about what life is like after being an elite sportsman; and a report on the world’s busiest circuit, the Indianapolis one. In Money, the man who invented chain production, Henry Ford; the fashion of ‘offshore’ societies or tax havens; as well as a special still life on ‘Office supplies’. For its part, a fictional interview with the world’s most televised publicist, Don Draper; the cover interview, Risto Mejide; or that of Adriana Ugarte occupy the pages of Gentlemine, among many other things.

To enjoy Mine you have to install your application and download a new issue of the magazine every month, completely free. In addition, all issues will always be available for download. The magazine has a lot of interactive content: lots of videos, audio, effects and many options.

From here we wish the best of luck to Mine and to Pedro Aznar in this new stage.


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