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Mind Manager is an application with which you can create mind maps . Mind maps are the simple way to manage and order the ideas that surround our brain in the form of a map.

Mind Manager – Applesfera
Mind Manager – Applesfera

Mind Manager provides a series of templates according to different situations (meetings, task lists, weekly planning,…) so that it is quicker and easier to start making our own maps. Its interface is simple and whether we are new users or advanced users, adapting to the Mind Manager environment is not difficult.

But there is more, Mind Manager includes a feature that I liked and that seems very interesting: the iCal integration . Thanks to this, we can link events directly to our calendar, so they will appear on our mind map as the day, week or month and the specified attributes pass by. Making the use of the map as an organizational tool even more effective.

No doubt an interesting application that has only one drawback, its price. And I say snag but it’s not entirely true. If you are a user whose need for this type of mind mapping is high, surely the 179 euros that your license costs is compensated. If you are only going to make a couple of them better try with other free or cheaper alternatives.


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