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Migrating data from Android to iOS

Move content from your Android phone to iPhone

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Migrating data from Android to iOS
Migrating data from Android to iOS

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With the release of iOS 8 in a few hours, Apple has decided to go all out and catch as many users as possible . And if this requires a direct attack on Android users, it will attack. Because in Cupertino’s offices they know that thanks to the great opening that iOS 8 has had towards third parties there is a great chance that a large portion of Android users will decide to buy an iPhone.

That’s why Apple has released a complete guide to migrate all our data from Android to iOS , this means moving our contacts, emails, calendars, pictures, videos, music, books and PDFs, documents and applications.

Basically the guide recommends us a series of steps to transfer our data from the Google ecosystem to the Apple ecosystem. Some things are a bit more complicated, like transferring contacts, however, other things like transferring applications is simply looking for the same apps in the App store.

At the moment the guide is only in English, although it is very easy to understand, and Apple has always made it easy to enter its ecosystem. It will be a matter of days before it is translated into Spanish.

The funny thing about all this is the fact that Apple attacks Android in such a way. I guess finally realized that Android really is a problem , and getting into a thermonuclear war is not the solution, because small details like this give better results.

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