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Mid-range Mac and iPad mouse: Logitech M330

Choosing a good mouse for our equipment is fundamental, since it will be an accessory that we will probably use for many hours. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, you’ll want to know what it has to offer in terms of compatibility and comfort. That’s why today we’re looking at the Logitech M330 Silent Plus, a mid-range mouse that has a lot to offer.


Whether we are talking about a mouse or any other device, the only 100% objective data that can be given are the specifications. This is no exception, which is why you’ll find a table of data for this Logitech M330 at the bottom of this article. However, we think there are a few things worth noting.

Mid-range Mac and iPad mouse: Logitech M330
Mid-range Mac and iPad mouse: Logitech M330

The first thing we must say is that this mouse does not work through bluetooth but through a nano USB receiver that comes included in the box and that must be connected to the computer with which we want to use it. If you are going to use it on an iPad or Mac without USB ports you will have to buy a USB to USB-C adapter or Lightning. This can be a problem at first, but eventually you get used to it and it’s still an item you forget about when it’s connected.

The way it works is with a class AA battery. This could also be a negative point a priori, since we are used to charging all our devices by means of cables or charging bases and having to be changing batteries is somewhat cumbersome. However, it is surprising how well this mouse manages the battery , as it can last for months. In fact, a battery of this type is included in the box, so you can start using it from the moment you open it. It’s worth noting that it has an on/off switch on the bottom of it.

When talking about a mouse, it is understood that it will always be used near a screen, but as the circumstances in which it can be used can vary greatly, manufacturers have opted for a wireless technology that allows the M330 to be used at a distance of up to 10 metres. This connection, by the way, works at 2.4 GHz.

As for devices in which can be used, no glue can be removed. It is compatible with virtually all operating systems that have mouse support, so you can use it on computers and tablets with MacOS, iPadOS, Windows, Android, Linux and even Chrome OS. However, these systems must be at least in one of these versions:

  • macOS 10.5 or later.
  • Windows 7 or later.
  • Linux Kernel 2.6+2.
  • iPadOS 13.4 or later.
  • Android 3.1 or later.

Design and ergonomics

When talking about these aspects we already enter something completely subjective and that can vary depending on many factors such as personal tastes or the size of the hand that each one has. However, we’re doing this based on our experience and the opinions of other users who have tried this Logitech M330.

In design this mouse stands out because it is available in three different colors : red, blue or black. Red and blue may have a special appeal because they are somewhat out of place in everyday life, but this is also why black is better suited to everything and can be more elegant. In any of these versions we find the classic two buttons with which to make ‘normal’ and ‘secondary’ clicks. On the other hand, it has a scroll wheel in which we can also find a button with which to obtain other functionalities such as those for opening windows in the background.

The size of this mouse, 10.5 x 6.79 cm x 3.84 cm, makes it tremendously portable. In addition to being able to use it in almost any situation, it is comfortable for when we have to use our computer or tablet on the move and do not want to carry a lot of accessories with us, as it will take up little space in any backpack or briefcase. As we indicated a few paragraphs ago, the size of one’s hand can be crucial, but as a rule this mouse adapts perfectly to the hand because of its curved shape.

Also noteworthy are the rubber materials at the bottom , which is where this mouse is held and which is very nice. In other mice with other materials we can find some discomfort with the passage of time, however we have not noticed that with the Logitech M330.

Last but not least, the Silent Plus that this mouse has in its name becomes apparent when you click on any of the two main buttons. These are not totally silent, but the truth is that it is very appreciated that is not a mechanical sound that can sometimes be very annoying. But this, again, is subjective and there will be those who don’t care much about this section or even prefer a more obvious sound.

iPad Experience

Although external mouse support was already added to iPadOS 13, it was not until iPadOS 13.4 that more features were added. The mice went from being a dedicated accessory for people with vision or mobility problems to being a fully available gadget for all types of users.

The Logitech M330 knows how to make the most of what the iPad has to offer in this area. We can customize the color, size, and speed of the pointer like any other mouse from Settings, so you can tailor it more to your liking. Then we also get a nice experience when performing common mouse actions like scrolling apps, opening the dock, opening and closing apps, and others.

Perhaps dedicated gestures are missing that are available on others like the Magic Mouse, although we will discuss that later. In any case, we believe that this is a mouse more than suitable for use on the iPad, since otherwise we do not lose any other functionality.

Working with the Mac

Talking about mouse functionality in macOS is already quite redundant considering the number of years and versions that this system accumulates with mouse support. However, there are several points to note about using the Logitech M330 and not all of them are positive.

We liked the willingness of this accessory to switch from iPad to Mac by simply plugging in the nano receiver. The connection is established in milliseconds and is fully usable from the moment you plug it in the first time. There’s no delay in pressing or scrolling and if there is, we haven’t really noticed it as it’s minimal.

A negative point of this mouse is that is missing more buttons with which to add new functions in addition to those already set in its three buttons. Not that this is a must, as we can still use our Mac without losing anything, but these buttons would provide excellent shortcuts with which to gain productivity. It’s not a huge negative, but it’s strange to see other mid-range mice that do have more buttons.

Alternative to Apple’s Magic Mouse 2?

The Magic Mouse and the Logitech M330 are two completely different accessories despite being two mice that are compatible with multiple devices. The approach of both is quite different. The Magic Mouse is a high-end device that also gains in reliability for Apple equipment because it’s made by the company itself. The Logitech mouse works great, but it’s still a mid-range mouse.

Buy Magic Mouse 2 Buy it atEUR80,00

For price perhaps we could highlight the Logitech M330, since it starts at 41.50 euros as the official price of the brand, being able to find it sporadically for less in portals like Amazon. Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 has an official price of 85 euros. Even without a price reduction, Logitech’s may be worth more to many for its ability to perfectly meet their needs.

Buy Logitech M330 Buy it atEUR21.38

Where Magic Mouse 2 is superior to the Logitech M330 can be a determining factor for some users. We refer for example to the gestures , which has incorporated the Apple and are not only fully functional on macOS, but on iPadOS can be very useful to pass between applications, close them, return to the home screen and others.

What the Logitech M330 can boast of is its broad compatibility with non-Apple operating systems. Magic Mouse can be used in Windows and other systems with a few tricks or by installing certain drivers, but this already becomes a more tedious task than plugging in the Logitech receiver and getting started.

Therefore, and as a conclusion of this analysis, we must tell you that you must be the one who puts in a scale everything that needs a mouse. If you want to save and you don’t need to use gestures or connect a nano receiver, the Logitech M330 will certainly meet your needs. But look at all the pros and cons we’ve highlighted, create your own, and make your decision.

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