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Microsoft turns the iPhone into a 3D camera

Microsoft is one of the companies that invests the most in services , a good example of this is Office 2016. But also in other aspects Microsoft is making excellent applications for iOS, such as a 3D camera.

Basically with the new Microsoft project your iPhone camera will be able to scan three dimensional objects to create three dimensional objects automatically on your iPhone. In a demonstration video they use an iPhone 5s to scan objects by simply moving the phone around them. The phone records the object that’s in the center and then builds a model that the camera captures from different angles.

Microsoft turns the iPhone into a 3D camera
Microsoft turns the iPhone into a 3D camera

Some of the objects you create are a bit strange and need to be polished , but overall what you get is quite impressive. Microsoft claims that you don’t need any additional hardware to create these objects, just the iPhone camera is enough.

This is a bit different to what we see in other companies like Google , which uses additional hardware to create 3D objects with the Tango project. In this case, motion and depth sensors are used, although obviously a normal phone does not have this hardware . These sensors give Tango better results than Microsoft, but of course, it means having more extra material than a simple telephone.

The Microsoft project is called MobileFusion, and researchers are currently trying to get it up and running on iOS, Android and Windows Phone . There are no release plans yet, but as it evolves it is expected to be available to the public in a couple of months.

The truth is that it is this kind of thing that makes the iPhone so special , having so many innovative services that make the iPhone suitable for almost anything. The iPhone will not have the highest specifications on the market, but it will have the latest software .

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