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Microsoft throws the gauntlet to Apple. “We’re not going to leave any front uncovered.”

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Microsoft has just realized that it can no longer ignore reality . Apple is the most valuable company in the world, its income with the iPhone exceeds all of Microsoft’s combined and the latest forecasts estimate that in just five years more tablets could be sold than PCs, a sector in which the company on the block is still unrivalled.

Steve Ballmer has sharpened the hatchet again by promising at the company’s annual partners’ conference that they have no intention of giving up ground to Apple . “Not on our watch” . The statements of Microsoft’s CEO come less than a week after the interview in which Bill Gates, co-founder of the company now retired from his position, offered some timid statements in which he insinuated that Apple would be forced to take out its own Surface.

Microsoft throws the gauntlet to Apple. “We’re not going to leave any front uncovered.”
Microsoft throws the gauntlet to Apple. “We’re not going to leave any front uncovered.”

Brave words for someone whose management of the last six years has been precisely the ground on which Apple has managed to regain lost ground during the 1990s. The apple has managed to reinvent itself by leading a new era of simpler and more attractive personal devices in which the iPhone and iPad are the absolute kings. And Microsoft, although late, is now trying to catch up with Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 and probably a future Xbox, as the main standard-bearers.

“Surface is just a design sample”

Ballmer was trying to reassure his partners that the Surface tablets are just a reference design , that there’s still room for them, but actually many people have interpreted this move as a slap on the wrist for the manufacturers; something like “You want to stop making such ugly stuff and start making stuff like this!

I still believe that in the end it will all come down to two factors: price (competing with the iPad and MacBook Air trying not to hurt any partner to death) and whether or not they succeed in breaking the legacy of the Windows systems (at the same time their greatest strength and weakness).

“Apple has made a mistake. It’s the PC+ era”

If Apple can pull a term like the Post PC era out of its hat and make it its own, why compete with them on their own turf when you can turn your back on them and try to play your own game? Of course, the new Microsoft does support Post PC devices, only they call it Surface with Windows RT while trying to see if they can get away with the Windows 8 Pro version, the 2012 (or 2013) version of the old Tablet PC.

Turner took the stage at the conference to talk about Apple’s idea of the Post PC era and made it clear that the Redmont giant is willing to bet its future on Windows 8 and the Metro interface. Who will take the cat out of the bag? We’ll see, but Apple won’t stand still either. This month we will have a new operating system, Mountain Lion, in October a new iPhone, for Christmas (if we listen to the rumors) maybe a cheaper iPad mini, and a few months later, the fourth generation of the iPad, its biggest threat.

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