Microsoft Officially Announces Office 2011 for Mac

At MacWorld 2010, Microsoft announced the future release of Office 2011 for Mac , which will be available later this year. It appears that Microsoft’s MacBU ( Mac Business Unit ) has taken into account the feedback from users of previous versions and has prepared a new version with many new features .

The first change is the renewal of its interface , simplifying tasks and significantly improving compatibility with documents, so that they look identical regardless of the platform on which they were created. They have also enhanced the social use of the new version of the suite, so that working in groups in a collaborative way is much easier.

  • New co-authoring tools and Office web applications: They will allow users to work simultaneously on the same Word, PowerPoint or Excel file from different locations, even with version control and real-time monitoring of the work. The latter has been implemented using a new feature called Presence Everywhere.
Microsoft Officially Announces Office 2011 for Mac
Microsoft Officially Announces Office 2011 for Mac

Office Web applications will also make it easy to access shared documents from any platform, stored in Live ID accounts or using Microsoft SharePoint technologies.

  • New user interface, Ribbon: According to Microsoft’s press release, the interface has been completely redesigned according to user feedback from previous versions. According to their words “The new design is an evolution of the elements of the Office 2008 gallery (which uses the classic Mac menu) and the standard toolbar, providing the best of both worlds. There’s even the ability to fold the Ribbon and toolbar so advanced users who frequently use keyboard shortcuts get more screen space.

Now, 80% of the most used tools are available in the default view of the new interface. They also ensure that the visual experience is consistent across both platforms ( PC and Mac ), boosting the productivity of users working with both.

  • Outlook for Mac arrives: In Office 2011, Entourage disappears. Instead, for the first time on a Mac, Outlook arrives as a mail manager. It will take advantage of Exchange Web Services protocols, and is built 100% in Cocoa, ensuring good integration with Mac OS X.

In addition, one of the major requests from Office for Mac users has been incorporated: the import of Outlook for Windows .PST files . Other improvements will focus on speed, content search using Spotlight, and the ability to back up with Time Machine . A new permissions manager will also be included to help protect information in the new collaborative working channels.

At the moment, that is all the information known about Microsoft’s popular office suite. Take a look at the image gallery that we have prepared for you ( with the full resolution captures n) to have a first approximation of what we will see in the next months. Any news about the software you will find in Apple.

Microsoft presenta Office 2008 “Edición Empresa” y anuncia Outlook para Mac

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