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Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Now Available to Office 365 Users

It has been a few months since Microsoft released the first public beta of Office 2016 for Mac . After several updates with continuous improvements, the Redmond firm has decided that the time has come to leave the beta phase and has released the final version of the office suite that includes new versions of: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote .

Microsoft Office 2016 final has been available for a few hours in 139 different countries and 16 languages. At the moment the only option to access the new suite is through a subscription to Office 365 and it will not be until September that Microsoft will offer the possibility of purchasing a license without being associated with a subscription.

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Now Available to Office 365 Users
Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Now Available to Office 365 Users

This new version of Office for Mac comes after a cycle of almost total abandonment of the suite for Apple computers. It seems that Microsoft’s new strategy finally includes our favorite computers and this is to be welcomed. Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac includes many improvements ; both at the level of user interface, features and of course stability and performance. We could say that this new version puts the Windows version on a par with the Mac version.

The company has stated that is among its plans to release regular updates and new features for the suite at least every three months. This means that Office 2016 will be a living suite and that we will receive constant improvements and bug fixes every few months.

Currently Microsoft offers different Office 365 packages to users . There are versions designed for a single user (from 69 euros per year or 7 euros per month), designed for families with up to five devices (from 99 euros per year or 10 euros per month), for students that offer the possibility of installing it on 2 devices (4-year subscription for 79 euros), as well as options for small and medium businesses. In the Microsoft Store you can see all the options available.

Personally I can say that I have been testing the beta versions of Office 2016 that Microsoft has released in recent months and the change from the previous version has been very important . It has many new options that have been available in Windows for some time and there is also a clear improvement in performance, stability and, of course, possibilities, something that has encouraged us to include the suite in our post-compilation with the best Mac apps.

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