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Microsoft Office 2013 for iOS leaked, available early 2013

It had been rumoured for months, and today we finally confirmed it. Thanks to The Verge, we are not aware that Microsoft is already finishing the development of Office 2013 for iOS, and early next year 2013 we will have it among us, available in the App Store. The worst thing will be that to get access to the document edition we will have to pay the Office 365 subscription, so the free version will only allow us to view Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents.

After a long time of rumors, and even Microsoft denying it, today the first screenshots of the official version of Microsoft Office 2013 for iOS appear, through The Verge. This American media confirms us through sources close to Microsoft that the company will launch the version for iOS and Android at the beginning of 2013 .

Microsoft Office 2013 for iOS leaked, available early 2013
Microsoft Office 2013 for iOS leaked, available early 2013

This new suite mobile office suite from the Redmond kids will feature several free applications for users to view Office documents on their devices . Obviously, we will require a Microsoft account in order to use the Office applications.

The first time we start Office 2013 and log in, we will be able to view Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents. If we want to access the editing option we will need an Office 365 collaborative subscription . Microsoft will allow us to buy this subscription from the Office application itself, or to activate it through a code.

So we can do basic editing, but we won’t get to the complexity that the desktop version of Office allows. We’ll see how trimmed this version is, on which its success will depend . Google Docs is quite cut down in its iOS version, while Apple’s iWork suite reaches almost 80% of the OS X version.

As we said at the beginning, it won’t be until 2013 when we will see Office in the App Store, with a possible release date between February and March , while the Android version will not be available until May.

Finally, it is also confirmed that Office will work between mobile platforms without compatibility problems, so the interoperability between Windows Phone, iOS and Android will be full .