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Microsoft News is updated in iOS with an interesting redesign

Microsoft’s news application for iPhone and iPad, Microsoft News, is not very well known, but a few days ago it received a new update where it welcomed an interface wash that makes it quite interesting to use in our day to day. In this post we tell you all the new features they have implemented and we encourage you, of course, to try it out and see if it convinces you as a news feed.

In Spain unfortunately we do not have access to Apple News due to the current legislation, and that is why we have to resort to third party applications in order to have a news feed on our iOS device. One of the alternatives is Microsoft News, formerly known as MSN News s, which has undergone an upgrade that makes it much more attractive.

Microsoft News is updated in iOS with an interesting redesign
Microsoft News is updated in iOS with an interesting redesign

The first thing we find when we run the application for the first time is a new, much more intuitive way of configuring it, asking you first to sign in to your Outlook account to have all your information synchronized on the different devices. After this, we go to a screen where we can select the topics we want to be informed about. We have to say that there is a great variety, and you can customize them yourself, by looking for your preferences in the search engine we found at the top, or already inside the app at the bottom in the magnifying glass icon.

In addition, they have introduced a new dark mode in order to offer the user a much more comfortable reading in places where there is little light. In addition, a new widget has been introduced to make it easier to follow the latest news.

Also they have added the possibility to be informed of local news whenever we live in big cities , and they will always notify us with the last hours there are. According to Microsoft itself, they have a group of editors to be able to select the best news from the most prestigious media they have agreements with.

We invite you to try it out because you can find it for free in the App Store, and of course tell us what you think in the comment box.

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