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Microsoft Edge will have its first beta on iPad later this month

The browser that Microsoft incorporated in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, will have an optimized version on the iPad, starting this month with its integration into the Apple tablet with a first beta. The Microsoft browser has been in iOS since November, after surpassing the October beta. Unfortunately, in our Store is not available for the moment to test it.

For people who prefer this browser, Sean Lyndersay in his Twitter account gave a very good news for all these users: will have an iPad-compatible version possibly next month.

Microsoft Edge will have its first beta on iPad later this monthMicrosoft Edge will have its first beta on iPad later this month

Specifically, the tweet says the following:

Shh, don’t tell anyone, but the iPad version is in internal testing and looks important. It’s going to take a little longer to “bake”, so we’re going to release it to TestFlight users early next month [reference to February] and get feedback from them before it goes public. Thanks for using Edge!

As you may have read in this message, will first be released to TestFligh users t, i.e. the beta testers, so that they can evaluate if it works properly before releasing it to the public, although we have no knowledge if we will be able to have it in Spain.

The interface of the iPad app would be very similar to the one we see in Windows 10, although work is still underway to develop this application, it is believed that the easiest for the user is to have an interface like the one in Windows 10.

It won’t outperform Safari in features, after trying this version on a PC, but having a wide range of browsers is always welcome. We still don’t have it in Spain, although we hope Microsoft will remember us and incorporate it into our Store.