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Microsoft dethrones Apple as America’s most valuable company

Update: In the last few hours Apple has returned to its dominant position in the stock market with a market value of 826 billion while Microsoft is worth 822 billion dollars.

If there is a historical rivalry for Apple, it is the one with Microsoft. Their computers and operating systems have been competing for decades and although it seems that this war is not as evident as it was in the 1980s the truth is that economically and in terms of brand image they are still fighting fiercely. The last battle seems to have been won by Microsoft, which is since yesterday the most valuable company in the United States.

Microsoft dethrones Apple as America’s most valuable companyMicrosoft dethrones Apple as America’s most valuable company

Several economic media, such as Business Insider, confirmed yesterday that Apple was no longer the most valuable company in the United States , being overtaken by Microsoft. Bill Gates’ company reached a market capitalization of 814 billion dollars.

At the beginning of this year, Apple became the only company in the world that was quoted in billions of dollars, but since then its capitalization has been decreasing considerably until in November it ceded the first place to Microsoft, who had not surpassed them for eight years.

Declining sales of new iPhones may cause Microsoft’s advance

The main reason for this bad data for Apple, according to the experts, is the decrease in sales of the iPhone compared to previous years, while Microsoft has seen its value increase thanks to the sale of computers and its cloud storage service OneDrive . It should be noted that the PC company was the only technology company to achieve growth after September, reaching highs of over 105 billion dollars while Apple fell to lows of 170 billion.

The war to be the most quoted on the stock exchange will continue between Apple and Microsoft during the next months and surely during the next years. As far as ordinary users are concerned, the competition in the devices and services offered by both companies will also be apparent. And while in the field of mobile operating systems there is no concern for Apple if there is a concern for desktop systems, as it seems that Windows computers sell more than Macs.

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