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Microsoft claims to outsell the iPhone

Joedice: 12 January, 2014 at 19:47

First, we must realize that, unlike cars as mentioned by the author, in the smartphone market there are many companies that do not charge for their services to the general public and their goal is to reach a greater number of users (say Facebook, Twitter and thousands more) no matter how expensive the device is, so for all of them the only thing that matters is the number of devices that use a certain OS and the comparison with which the author does not agree is very useful for those companies because they already know that they will achieve greater market penetration by developing for Windows Phone and not for iOS (in these respective markets obviously).

Microsoft claims to outsell the iPhoneMicrosoft claims to outsell the iPhone

On the other hand, what puts a phone in the high-end segment – its features or its price? If it’s the price, then of course we’re talking about the iPhone being high-end, but if it’s the features, then we’d have to put the iPhone in the upper-middle segment because, with the exception of its processor, it has features of phones in that segment that are cheap and Apple could easily sell it at a much lower price without it becoming unprofitable. To tell the truth, the iPhone is the smartphone with the largest economic benefit per unit in the market, that is, the difference between what it costs Apple to manufacture each one and the price at which it sells it is abysmal compared to any other smartphone, be it Android, WP, etc.

So yes, the comparison is useful and frankly Apple should get its act together.