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Microsoft and Apple, two visions summarized in video

¿Soñar con el futuro o hacerlo realidad? Una sencilla lección que aprender de Apple

The futuristic “productivity at work” videos made by Microsoft have become a tradition. They are like Christmas Lottery ads, fantasies, only in the case of the Lottery, there is at least a chance that their promises will come true for someone before we are all bald.

Microsoft and Apple, two visions summarized in video
Microsoft and Apple, two visions summarized in video

Giant and flexible screens, interactive holographic projections, convertible wearables and a lot of interfaces with more motion graphic that sense flood a video full of déjà vus to his brothers of 2011 and 2009. The note to page requests and the deadline set remain the same in 2015 as in 2009: how technology can transform our lives in the next 5 to 10 years … too bad we are not even remotely close to the schools, homes and offices that were seen in the first video, now six years old.

The difference is clear, and it shows how each company conceives of its role in our lives.

Also pulling the file we have this other inspirational video from Apple projected during WWDC 2013 . The difference is clear, and it shows how each company conceives its role in our lives. Microsoft is looking to a distant future in which Google and Apple have perhaps succumbed to some kind of deadly disease and we all spend our days fiddling with moving graphics around without really knowing what the hell they are doing. Apple, looking at the present and giving the spotlight to the same developers who breathe life into their devices.

And no, we don’t all have prosthetic legs or speak endangered languages, and we’re not much of an underwater data collector either. That’s perhaps why, for the 2014 WWDC, Apple made this other video much closer to the everyday life of most…

But going back to Microsoft’s videos, the funny thing about it is that once stripped of the dream technology and interfaces that “do things and ask no more”, we find a discourse centred on interconnection and how this enriches the very creation, distribution and manipulation of information. A discourse that, in its practical application, Microsoft long ago stopped being the leading voice.

The skeleton of that world imagined by Microsoft is nothing more than what we do every time we sit in front of our Mac and follow exactly where we were on our iPhone or iPad with Safari, Mail or any other Handoff-compatible app and the rest of the continuity innovations introduced with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. This is what we do when we share with AirDrop, or more massively, with any of the third party apps that encourage communication and teamwork. Today, not tomorrow.

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