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Mice, Keyboards, and Trackpads to give to your Mac

Is your Mac more Santa Claus or Three Kings? Has he written his letter yet? Maybe she’s screaming for a new keyboard, a new mouse, or wants to try out a trackpad. These are gifts that always come in handy, whether you don’t move your Mac from home or carry it around with you and want to work more comfortably. That’s why we’re here, to show you a selection of the best peripherals for your Mac, mice, keyboards and trackpads to make you look like a king this Christmas .

Mice for work

Many of you use Apple mice. The Magic Mouse is a very good mouse , the optics work quite well and the fact that it does not have a scroll wheel, relying on the scrolling of the pages on the touch surface of it , also comes in handy when cleaning it and doing some extra actions with several fingers. I have to admit that I don’t have one even though I’ve tried it and I like the feel. I say this because I’ve read all about battery life, both short and long lasting. So you might want to complete the gift with some rechargeable batteries (Apple or not) if it’s within your budget. The Bluetooth connection is easy to set up and fairly reliable. It costs 71 euros.

Mice, Keyboards, and Trackpads to give to your Mac
Mice, Keyboards, and Trackpads to give to your Mac

If we opt for a more ergonomic solution , or if you simply prefer to rest your palm on the mouse , there are solutions that are better suited to the hand. I’ve always liked Logitech mice. In fact, I’ve been using a Performance Mouse MX for a while now, and I find it very comfortable in my hand. I can rest my palm in a fairly comfortable position, have access to all the buttons, and really like the wheel scrolling, which can be set up to scroll with feedback or free spin at the touch of a button. The weight is also ideal, neither too light nor too heavy. It is wireless and includes rechargeable batteries by means of a micro-usb cable that connects to the front of it. This way, if we run out of battery, we can recharge it and continue using it as if it were a wired mouse.

Thanks to the Darkfield Laser Tracking technology, I have used it on all the surfaces I have ever used and for having (including glass) and it has worked really well. The recommended price of the Performance Mouse MX is 82.50 euros.

Mice to play with

Generally, people who use mice designed for play are looking for very short response times and a lot of sensitivity . It is also important that the sensitivity can be regulated in the game itself, especially in action games, where sometimes you have to move very quickly and sometimes you need a lot of precision. That’s why more advanced players choose wired mice, also to avoid possible interference in LAN parties, because they are faster, but there are also wireless mice. Ergonomics is also a very important factor , and you’ll find mice in which you can modify their shape and adapt them to your hand, as well as add or remove counterweights so that in the end the result fits your game.

It is important that the mouse is OS X compatible , as many of these mice have drivers or programs for setting sensitivity and additional buttons they have, or for programming various actions with a few mouse clicks. The two mice that we are going to comment on in this category are.

The Razer Taipan is one of the latest models from Razer, a specialist in gaming peripherals. The Taipan has a symmetrical design, so it is valid for both right-handed and left-handed players . It has a maximum sensitivity of 8200 dpi , achieved by a laser and an optical sensor to calibrate it on any surface, and a response time of 1 millisecond, 9 programmable buttons and a software called Razer Synapse 2.0 that allows the optimal configuration of all the mouse parameters. The price of the Razer Taipan is 80 euros, and we will soon have it at Apple to review it “In Depth”, but the first tests are really excellent, also as a working mouse.

If we want a wireless mouse , adaptable to our hand , that we can modify the counterweights and that even the smallest detail can be configured (and I am referring to the hardware), we probably want to take a look at the Mad Catz Cyborg Rat 9. With this totally futuristic look we have a mouse that has some very good features, a bombproof ergonomics and two rechargeable batteries, so that the one we are not using can be recharged in the wireless base of the mouse while using the other one. With 6400 dpi, and with a button that reduces the sensitivity to a value also programmable by us to get a headshot, the truth is that it looks fantastic, but it will cost us about 120 euros.


You’re probably thinking about getting a Trackpad if you’re used to the one on your MacBook. While it may seem unthinkable to prefer a trackpad to a mouse, all the features and functionality of Apple’s multitouch trackpad make up for the lack of ergonomics . Search functions, drag, scroll, zoom, change tabs in the browsers (I love doing it in Chrome), rotate, … the truth is that are a joy and increase our productivity . The Apple Magic Trackpad for our desktop is now available for 71 euros.

Another possible option is the Logitech Trackpad introduced yesterday, but you’ll need to “voucher for” your Mac, as it won’t be available until January 2013. With a little luck, the Three Kings will be able to bring it to your Mac in time, for about 70 euros


As for keyboards, we have quite a few options. I really like the feel of Apple’s keyboards, so a first choice could have been the apple brand’s own keyboard. But having tried the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 this year, I think it’s the best possible choice. It’s solar, so you don’t have to worry about batteries or wires. And it’s also easy to pair with three Bluetooth devices at once, so you can switch between them at the touch of a button. The recommended price of the K760 is 80 euros.

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While the keyboard may not have the best feel in the world, the convenience of having everything integrated and being wireless with a Unifying interface-which allows you to use it with other devices by simply plugging the tiny interface into a USB port-are good options. It uses 2 normal AA batteries for power, so the recommended price drops to 41.50 euros.

And if we like the feel of mechanical keyboards, but don’t like the machine gun sound they usually make, maybe we can opt for Quiet Pro, which has been specifically designed to be as quiet as possible . Quiet Pro is a keyboard from a manufacturer called Matias, which has a traditional keyboard look but promises not to make noise and also has a USB hub for connecting other devices, so yes, it is a wired keyboard. However, like all mechanical keyboards, it has a high price, 150 dollars.

The prices indicated are those recommended by the distributors/manufacturers when the ticket has been written, so you may find them cheaper thanks to some offer.

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