Metro de Madrid with Augmented Reality for iPhone: In Depth


Antonio Rodríguez has contacted us to talk about METRO MADRID AR (Augmented Reality), an application that shows the metro stops closest to our current location, with the Augmented Reality to help us find the nearest metro station, performs route calculations, shows information about the lines and in short can help us on the routes in Metro .

Metro de Madrid with Augmented Reality for iPhone: In Depth
Metro de Madrid with Augmented Reality for iPhone: In Depth

The application includes a map of the Metro de Madrid on which we can move our finger around the screen of the iPhone and zoom in with the “pincer” movement.

The option Route allows you to perform route calculations from your current position or from one direction and includes a simulation of the route calculated on the map to see the route to be taken. It is possible to calculate the fastest route or the route with the least amount of transfers.

The most curious part is the Augmented Reality . Thus, if we turn the iPhone and place it in landscape, the distance in kilometres to the nearest station will appear on the screen.

This functionality is only available for the iPhone 3GS because it requires the compass for orientation, on the iPhone 3G the information appears but is not updated when you move the phone. You can also get more information about the journey to the station by using Google Maps from our current location.

Finally, it is also possible to see information on each of the lines , as well as the frequency of trains passing through the stations depending on the timetable. What I liked most about the application is the speed of the route calculation , which is almost instantaneous. As I said, I couldn’t take advantage of Augmented Reality , as my iPhone is a 3G. The application costs 1.59 euros. If we travel a lot on public transport we will surely get a lot out of it.

Antonio , thank you very much for the news.

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