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Messaging and Calling Contacts Functions

Do you have too many contacts on your iPhone and make a mess of managing them? Here’s Contacts Pad , an ideal contact management application with useful tools.

Contacts Pad allows us to have all our favourite contacts at hand and to be able to access different actions such as sending messages or calls quickly and easily, we can even send messages on WhatsApp, send emails or video calls via Skype in a matter of seconds.

Contacts Pad: easy to use and configure

Messaging and Calling Contacts Functions
Messaging and Calling Contacts Functions

Contacts Pad for iPhone makes it easy to organize, manage and administer your favorite contacts. In addition, in its last update (version 1.1) interesting new features have been added such as support for WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger and other applications.

As you can see in the image below, when you click on a contact, all the available options appear. For example, we will be able to access different forms of communication with our friends and family such as FaceTime, Messages, phone calls… But we will also have the possibility to visualize their data.

In addition, the iOS Contacts Pad application gives us the ability to add a widget to the Notification Center from which we can initiate calls or send messages from any app or from the Springboard. Easy, fast and efficient. In the Contacts Pad update a new function has also been included to select four different actions in the Notification Center widget.

Finally, it is interesting and noteworthy that the Contacts Pad application for iPhone offers us the possibility of customizing your style and colors to our liking. What more could we ask for?

Download Contacts Pad

The iPhone Contacts Pad application requires iOS 7.0 or later, is optimized for the latest iPhone models, and costs $0.99 You can download it directly from the App Store using the button below:

What do you think of this contact management application? Have you tried it yet? We invite you to download it and share this review in the main social networks to recommend it to your friends and family.