Meet the New HTC Nexus 9 from Google

First impressions of Google’s HTC Nexus 9

Today we bring you some first impressions of Google’s HTC Nexus 9, plus a video unboxing.

HTC is making a new tablet again, after a long time and is doing it for Google . Let’s see what it offers in a few first impressions, plus a video of its unboxing, join us.

First contact

Meet the New HTC Nexus 9 from Google
Meet the New HTC Nexus 9 from Google

HTC returns to the world of tablets, after a long time withdrawn from this market and brings us the Nexus 9, in a very sober packaging, accompanied by a microUSB cable and charging adapter, without any documentation. Although this may not be the final packaging that reaches the consumer.

The device has a very good and elegant design, with a metal structure and plastic back . HTC has always taken great care in the quality of its products and in this case it has not been an exception.


It is curious the measure for the screen they have chosen, a ratio of 4:3, which lately is not seen very often . The screen is 8.9 inches long, larger than the previous Google model and has very bright and vivid tones.

It has a resolution of 2014×1536 and LCD IPS technology, with a pixel density of 281 ppi , sufficient, but low compared to other devices on the market, and even the Nexus 6 itself, which has 493 ppi. Although its price is also higher.

Camera and speakers

The Nexus 9 has an 8 Mp camera on its back, with LED flash, which in theory could be one of the best cameras on the market mounted on a tablet , but will have to be tested to get all its performance and features.

The speakers feature the usual HTC BoomSound technology and have a very high sound quality, at very high volumes as well. They sound deep, clear and sharp. They also come mounted on the front of the device.

Android Lollipop

The highlight of the device is that will be the first tablet to feature Android Lollipop on the market . This new version of the Android operating system comes with many changes, both aesthetic, which even makes the simple implementation looks different, and internal, with many adjustments and new features. It will even allow us to remove pre-installed applications.

We can restore settings, applications and data from other Android devices. There have also been changes to the notification bar and the lock screen. We already detailed all the news of the new operating system.

Unboxing on video

To give you a better idea of what the new tablet looks like, there’s nothing better than watching the following video, where you can see an unboxing.

So far a first contact with the new Google tablet. All the data has been made available to us by the Android Authority, including the unboxing video.

The Nexus 9 can be purchased right now, from a starting price of 389 ?, in its 16 Gb model and 479 ? for the model with the highest capacity, the 32 Gb .


Are you planning to buy it? Tell us what you think of these first impressions and if you plan to get it.

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