Mavericks launch, new iPad, iWatch, iPhone launch in Spain, Rumorsfera

Let’s do our rumor collection this week. It seems that the rumour mill is starting to move a bit and we’re starting to have some news in several fields that may interest us more or less, but it’s not all stopped like the weeks after the release of the two iPhone models, the 5c and the 5s.

  • This week we have had a new version of Mavericks and this time we have the Golden Master. So everything seems to be ready for the data that we were considering during the last weeks, presentation on October 15th. During this next week we should see how the invitations to the media begin to be sent, which I firmly believe will happen.
  • This possible Keynote brings us a lot of news, not only in terms of new OS X, but we will also see news in terms of hardware. For the time being, Apple Care staff seems to be being trained before the more than likely release of the new OS X version. With the same level of secrecy as before the release of iOS 7 and iTunes Radio.
  • In this keynote, as we have already said, it is more than likely that we will see new developments in terms of hardware. MacBook Air has already been upgraded. iMac has undergone a quiet makeover. We may see some new additions to the MacBook pro lineup. But we’ll definitely see new iPads. For now, it looks like both iPad 5 and iPad mini will have an 8-megapixel camera.
  • Will they still be without Flash? Will people still be making videos on the street with their iPad up? Who knows, what we do know is how the new Touch ID will be implemented on the new iPad. If I may say so, I think the iPad will have it while the iPad mini won’t. In the video I show you below you can see an approximation of how it will be.
  • This week, the rumor was spread that the new iPhones might be available in Spain by the end of October, specifically on the 25th. In my opinion, I see it as very unlikely, for a simple reason, and that is that in countries like France they have not yet been able to serve orders in the first “wave” with many people waiting for their iPhones without a fixed date for October. On the 15th, in the most likely keynote, we will have sales data and possible announcements of second “waves” but October 25th seems too early to me.
  • It seems that iTunes Radio is slowly but surely moving forward. I’ve had a chance to try it out and I really love it. I hope that the record companies (and songwriters societies) in our country don’t put too many “obstacles” in our way and that we have it soon. For the time being, rumours indicate that there will be an imminent release in Canada.
  • Apple still seems to be stuck with the choice of displays for its various devices. The next renewal of the iPhone, the so-called “6”, will go for screens around 5 inches. Apple is known to be testing screens ranging from 4.8 to 6 inches. The rumour of a larger iPad with a 12-inch screen is also beginning to take hold, so that there will be a wide range of possibilities when it comes to choosing an iPad.
  • The iPad mini with retinal screen seems to be a fact, but everything points to the fact that the availability of the same one is going to be scarce until entered the 2014, presumably it will be presented the next day 15. Apple also seems interested in OLED screens for its iWatch, has recently hired an expert on them and everything points to a 1.5-inch screen manufactured by Samsung.
  • And another thing we will have to keep an eye on in the coming months is IGZO technology, these screens, made of a superconducting material with four times more response than silicon gives rise to screens with less power consumption, better response and more brightness. This could solve the problem of retinal displays in MacBook Air, which would consume too much energy for the philosophy of this notebook.

So much for this week’s rumor, until next week!

Mavericks launch, new iPad, iWatch, iPhone launch in Spain, Rumorsfera
Mavericks launch, new iPad, iWatch, iPhone launch in Spain, Rumorsfera

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