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mass screening of new features

At this point in the year we almost always had more than interesting leaks about the new iPhone, however the iPhone 12 has resisted quite well, although the global situation with the COVID-19 pandemic may have helped to keep the secret. However, as China is recovering, the leaks are reappearing and today we bring you the largest leak we have seen so far on the iPhone 12 , in this case the Pro Max version.

This leak has come to us thanks to a collaboration between EverythingApplePro and Max Weinbach, the former has over 8 million subscribers on YouTube and is well known for his renderings and analysis of Apple devices. The second writes for XDA Developers and is the one who has had access to some CAD drawings of the new Apple device .

mass screening of new features
mass screening of new features

The two have come together to show us in a video the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, both its computer schemes, as well as renders and even a 3D printed version to give us an idea of how the new Apple device looks like.

These diagrams have been filtered because they have been sent to the manufacturers of covers so that they have a first approach to the device. However EverythingApplePro warns that is a design that corresponds to the month of January , so there could always be changes.

Probably its design is this to 70% , the dimensions and external design are perfect, nevertheless the module of the back cameras could vary, as well as the notch that could be shown bigger betting not to reveal the design. For that reason EverythingApplePro has modified these aspects to show us a very similar final version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max that we will see in September .

Design change

The change in design is what will stand out most from the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, both in terms of size and shape. As rumoured, Apple is getting rid of the curved edges on this iPhone by opting for a more sober and angular design, similar to the one found on the iPad Pro. The frame of the device will be completely flat and the glass will no longer be curved when it meets the frame, it will be completely straight.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max will be slightly thinner , only 7.39 millimeters by the 8.10 mm of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the camera will stick out a little more from the body because of this. It will also be a slightly longer and wider device: 160.84 mm x 78.09 mm , in comparison the iPhone 11 Pro Max measures 157.95 mm x 77.84. In addition to this, the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s screen will be much closer to the edge thanks to a drastic reduction in the frame, from 2.52 mm to just 1.55 , which will give a much more futuristic design with a better front screen ratio.

All these new design and size features will make the screen of the iPhone 12 Pro Max grow to 6.7 inches . On the other hand, the camera module will also slightly increase its size due to the new sensors, remember that the LiDAR sensor of the iPad Pro will be added, and will measure 31.75 mm instead of the 27.87 of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Finally, the antenna lines on the frame will be slightly thicker due to the 5G.

Changes to SIM card, the unlock button and Smart Connector

It seems that internally Apple has made important changes and these will force to change the SIM card sideways , something that has already happened some time on the iPhone but has not been changed for years. This change could allow a more efficient relocation of the internal components and get a bigger battery inserted, but it could also have to do with the Smart Connector.

As this ADC shows, the iPhone 12 Pro Max could have a Smart Connector like the one on the iPad Pro on the right side. The Smart Connector is used to connect a keyboard, but perhaps Apple may have new plans for it. On the other hand, the unlock button is still in the right frame, but it has also changed position slightly and has been lowered a few millimeters.

New colors

Apple is testing new colors to add to its iPhone range, however these colors will still be different on the iPhone 12 Pro and the regular iPhone 12. This is what we expect:

  • iPhone 12 Pro: Apple is testing two shades of Blue, Midnight Blue, which could replace the popular green color of this generation.
  • iPhone 12: Apple has already changed the colors of the iPhone 11 from those of the iPhone XR and this year will be the same, Apple is testing 3 new ones all: light blue, purple and light orange.

Notch reduced

One of the changes we most desire and which seems to be taking place this year. The notch of the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be smaller than the current one, about half, and will slightly change the curvature at its edges. Although this has not been confirmed 100%, it seems that this is a clear design option that we will see this year. However, we don’t know if this reduced notch will be only for the iPhone 12 Pro or for this year’s entire range.

Lightning and better speakers

Finally, this year’s iPhone will still use the Lightning connector so Apple will not make the jump to USB-C. It seems that the future is an iPhone without ports and that Apple does not seem to be worried about changing the connector of its iPhone to eliminate it within 1 or 2 generations.

Where we will see changes is in the speakers, it seems that Apple is going to improve them substantially this year and they will have a power between 10 and 15% more than the speakers we now have in the iPhone 11 Pro.

Some very interesting leaks that reveal very important new features in the design of this year’s iPhone , we recommend you don’t miss the video with all the information we leave you with below.