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Mark Zuckerberg replaces Tim Cook as Most Valuable CEO

Employee satisfaction rates with their bosses always have a certain “morbidity”, especially when dealing with the world’s largest technology companies. In one of those ratings, where Tim Cook was first last year, this year he has to settle for 18th place. On the other hand, the CEO of Facebook has taken over the position thanks to an extraordinary rise in this last year.

Every year, Glassdoor’s employees vote for the most “charismatic” CEO . If last year Tim Cook received 97% approval, this year he has dropped four points to 93% approval. This takes him directly from the first position to the 18th position.

Mark Zuckerberg replaces Tim Cook as Most Valuable CEO
Mark Zuckerberg replaces Tim Cook as Most Valuable CEO

On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg has taken his place with an impressive 99% approval rating. It should be noted that the CEO of Facebook has had a great rise, the 14 percentage points have been noticed, and that a young and promising CEO who declares himself a loyal follower of Steve Jobs deserves this position.

Tim Cook , on the other hand, has been at the helm of Apple for 18 months now, and despite having had great days in the company and having contributed significant benefits and improvements this year has not been able to convince the workers . Let’s remember that Tim Cook has contributed record profits to the company, has distributed dividends, has carried out charitable activities and has offered time for personal projects to the workers.

It’s interesting to note that last year Tim Cook even surpassed his teacher, Steve Jobs, who only reached 95%, but this year he has fallen behind him. Also, it’s worth noting that even though he’s in 18th place he’s still not in a bad position, as CEOs like Larry Page have maintained a 95% rating and are in 6th place. This is because in the highest percentages are many CEOs and there is not a big distance between them.

This type of data, more than relevant, is curious , and shows us the index of satisfaction of the workers with their CEOs. However, it should be borne in mind that this type of rating can influence the image that companies’ shareholders have, because if a company is not liked by its shareholders, the worst can be expected.