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Mark Zuckerberg promises more security and privacy on Facebook and its apps

It seems that attaching the word privacy to Facebook can even be comical in recent times. The continuous privacy scandals of the considered mother of all social networks are the order of the day and precisely during these last days we have known a serious failure in the double factor authentication, as well as a list of popular applications that would be giving confidential data to the company without the user’s previous consent. In spite of this, the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has wanted to make a statement on various privacy issues in applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, wanted to make a statement yesterday about his and his company’s approach to the important issue of privacy . He did so in an interesting post on his Facebook wall .

Mark Zuckerberg promises more security and privacy on Facebook and its apps
Mark Zuckerberg promises more security and privacy on Facebook and its apps

This is how Zuckerberg began his writing:

“My focus over the past few years has been to understand and address the major challenges facing Facebook. This means taking positions on important issues related to the future of the Internet. In this note, I will set out our vision and principles around building a social networking platform and privacy-focused messaging. There is much to do here, and we are committed to working openly and consulting with societal experts as we develop this.

In later lines, Zuckerberg has referred to such ephemeral publications as the Instagram Stories or the user payments are booming in recent times. It has therefore suggested that the company could continue to make changes to private publications, as well as the possible arrival of a private and secure user-pay service .

The CEO has also wanted to make self-criticism in the face of the company’s privacy scandals and has pointed out that he understands that “many people don’t believe that Facebook can or wants to build a platform focused on privacy because, frankly, we don’t have a solid reputation these days” . However, he has shown his willingness to work on transforming this criticism into praise with truly private services such as those highlighted below:

  • Private interactions.
  • End-to-end encryption in messaging services
  • Reduction in the permanence of ephemeral publications such as Instagram Stories.
  • Security against third parties.
  • Interoperability, meaning that people can communicate with their contacts easily, quickly and safely.
  • Safe storage of data and that these are not transferred to countries with weak human rights.

Whether or not this is going to happen, Zuckerberg’s good intention to fill their applications with privacy and security after the continuous criticism is worth noting. In addition to this, he also addressed other issues related to the company’s plans in the coming years. You can access the full CEO’s post by clicking here.

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