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Marissa Mayer for iOS searches

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Recode has published an interesting article on what it might mean if it is confirmed. In it they comment that Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo , has been working on a proposal to convince Apple to start using their search engine as a default option in iOS.

Which would mean that instead of Google, it would be Yahoo who would offer us the results if we did not decide otherwise. Which as you know, right now we can do, we can stop using Google as a search engine and select either Yahoo or Bing. But… does anyone do that? No, we stay in the vast majority of cases with the default option.

Marissa Mayer for iOS searches
Marissa Mayer for iOS searches

And of course, considering the number of iOS devices on the market, imagine the advertising revenues that are generated. If you remember, Google pays Apple a billion dollars to be the default search engine. A figure that is estimated as a result of what Google pays for every dollar it earns by publishing searches on iOS. Making Yahoo the default search engine would be to “kick” Google

Whether or not it will manage to convince Apple’s management is something we will see, possibly with iOS 8, but what we do know is that at the moment Yahoo seems to have lifted its flight a bit and advertising revenues display have increased in this first quarter of 2014.

How this will sit with Google is also something that intrigues us. After dispensing with Google Maps for the benefit of your own mapping application and services, doing so with the search engine would be to give it a “kick”. No wonder Apple is thinking of taking Google’s services out of iOS. Reducing or directly eradicating its dependency.


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